Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How STUPID Can He Be?

Obama once said, “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.” WHAT? What was he SMOKING when he said this before the Cairo University in June, 2009? Or was he just “sucking up to Muslims, as he is wont to do? I can't think of a LESS “tolerant” bunch anywhere in the world. They want to KILL everybody who doesn't believe the way they DICTATE. They go out of their way to KILL Christians in the countries they control. They MURDER their own DAUGHTERS for walking on the street with the wrong guy. THIS is “tolerance?” Gimme a break!

EMPATHY FOR MUSLIMS”: Damn, what a stupid, uh, witch she is! How do you show “empathy” for someone whose only wish is to KILL us for not believing the way THEY dictate? This ”smartest woman in the world” is too stupid to know that. And Democrats see her as the “front runner” in the race for PRESIDENT in 2016? She's a stupid person among stupid people. How ANYBODY with any intelligence at all could even CONSIDER her as presidential material. Is a mystery to me. The only thing she has to recommend her is she was MARRIED to a president, and THAT marriage is a stupid one. She is one of the most cuckolded women in the world.

CARSON SCARES LEFT AND RIGHT: Just as did Sarah Palin, his constant speaking of the unvarnished TRUTH has frightened BOTH SIDES in the “political wars.” The left because he tells the truth about how they are exploiting ALL of us, and the right because they're worried about losing their jobs. So I guess he will be “Palined.” Lied about consistently in the cooperative media until even smart people (like my doctor, who is a “good conservative” otherwise) believe he is “too far right” to be elected president, and that he should, (like Palin) be ostracized and denied ANY possibility of even being NOMINATED.

MORE AND MORE BLATANT: The Islamic terrorist fools are becoming more and more blatant in their depredations. I just learned that Islamic hoodlums have kidnapped the chief of staff to the PRESIDENT of Yemen, in BROAD DAYLIGHT. They're starting to not even do their dastardly deeds in the dark of night, like they have done before. Like roaches, that scurry into hiding when the lights go on, they normally “run and hide” when daylight comes, then return after darkness falls to kill again.

THE POWER OF THE PURSE”: Trey Gowdy says, “It's time we used the power of the purse to rein in Obama.” And he certainly needs “reining in.” He has spent more money than ALL the presidents who preceded him COMBINED! And he's still not done spending. His latest idea to get his hands deeper in your pocket is free community college tuition. He says it should be free, but doesn't say who is going to PAY for it. But one thing I know, without being an “economic genius,” and that is, YOU AND I are going to pay for it if he gets it in force., not him.

IT SHOULD BE FREE!” That's what liberals say about many things. But the inevitable fact is that, whatever it is, it MUST be paid for. If the recipient doesn't pay for it, somebody else must. And who is it that usually is tapped to pay? YOU; and me. The taxpayer is called upon to pay for many things, from which OTHERS are the only ones who benefit. This is SOCIALISM (one form of collectivism, just as is communism). Communism proved in Russia that it did not work, and the reason is that it is BASED on THEFT from the PRODUCER of new wealth while GIVING to the NON-PRODUCER. The “moocher,” who “wants a share” of what industrious people EARN, but without having to WORK and earn it themselves. This is “institutionalized theft,” and it's time we realize it.

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