Friday, January 30, 2015

Haven't Heard From HIllary

We haven't heard a lot from Hillary Clinton lately. Maybe they're keeping her quiet so she can't make any more stupid statements like that arrogant and stupid remark, “What DIFFERENCE does it make?” about Benghazi or the one about “corporations NOT creating jobs.” This woman is too STUPID to even be CONSIDERED as a president of ANYTHING. But I guess stupid is a requirement for a DEMOCRAT candidate. She's the one "whose turn it is" on the Democrat side.

EIGHT DUIS! Just North of Denver there was a crash (I won't call it an accident) that killed several people, some of them CHILDREN. The guy driving the vehicle that “crossed over” the median strip and hit them head on was in the middle of his EIGHTH DUI. A few years ago a teen was running from the cops and killed another teen at the entrance to a convenience store I patronized regularly. He had 15 DUIs on his record. Why doesn't Colorado have a law to put repeat DUI offenders in jail for a long time BEFORE they kill any more people? Maybe killing somebody while in a drunken stupor should rate the death penalty. That would certainly mean at least one fool would get no more DUIs.

WE'RE FRIGHTENED: That's what Russel Brand says about Americans who fight to keep their constitutional right to own and use the means to self defense, a gun. Damn right! We ARE frightened. Frightened of being faced by an ILLEGALLY armed CRIMINAL while having nothing to use to defend ourselves. Frightened by Obama's “bending over forward” to accommodate Islamic terrorists, who have PROMISED to come here and kill more people. Meanwhile, he's bringing more and more of them here every day. I'M frightened by that prospect, and I want a GUN!

THEY'RE RICH, TOO: The Democrats love to criticize Romney about all the big houses he owns, as if they didn't own as many, or MORE homes. Do you know how many homes Nancy Peelosi has? She's one of the richest women in California, you know. How many do the CLINTONS own? You know, those people who were “BROKE” when they left the White House, and soon bought a mansion in Chappaqua..How about Nevada Senator, Democrat Harry Reid? I could come up with a long list of rich Democrats, alive and dead, who are rich and own many houses, but I won't. Just know they love criticizing Republicans for what THEY do, too.

IT'S RACIST! Count on the liberals (Democrats) to call you a racist if you disagree with one of them at any time. One of the latest instances is ANYONE who criticizes race whore Al, uh, Sharpton of being inept, as well as being an extortionist who goes to big businesses and tells them he will not accuse them of racism if they give significant money to one or more of his “charities.” Then goes out and “whips up” racism like he did in Ferguson, MO, and other places over the years. Then there was “Shawna Bradley.” The man's a con man and a criminal. Of course, he'll call me a racist for saying that. That's his “fall-back position” any time ANYBODY criticizes him. I just hope he doesn't send his thugs to beat up on this old man.

POLAR OPPOSITE: The Democrats are constantly telling us we can't win elections unless we “move closer to the center.” Which means agree more with THEM. Scott Walker won elections in his state THREE TIMES by NOT doing that. One of those elections was a recall attempt that failed. Everything he does is things most people want him to do. NOT what DEMOCRATS want him to do. They (the Democrats) think if they can convince us of this, THEY will continue to win elections. But truth is, if we present the electorate with a program that is a POLAR OPPOSITE to the SOCIALISM Democrats are trying to impose on you and do it unashamedly, we WILL win. If, that is, Democrats don't STEAL the election as they did TWICE with Obama.

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