Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Islam Like the Mafia

There are many similarities in how the Mafia operates, and how the Muslim “faith” works. The most obvious is “trying to quit.” Any Mafioso who swears fealty to the mob and later wants to quit is “fair game” for ANYBODY in the Mafia to kill him for it. Likewise, if you “convert” to Islam and later change your mind, YOU become “fair game” to be murdered by ANY Muslim who so desires. Additionally, they will kill you if you SAY the wrong thing, draw the wrong picture, or write the wrong book. According to Bill Maher (with whom I don't often agree), “Islam is the only religion that operates the same way as the Mafia.”

JABBA THE HUT MOORE”: I don't much like insulting people for being overweight. While I'm not so DISGUSTINGLY fat as Michael Moore is, he DOES resemble “Jabba the Hut” a lot. I don't know what his story is on his being as fat as he is, but he seems to be getting fatter all the time. In my case, I AM a “bit” overweight because I can barely walk and thus get NO exercise, therefore I AM gaining weight at an alarming (to me) rate. What's his excuse? Except to be lazy and prone to working not much but his mouth. It's one thing to be overweight, but Moore is disgustingly FAT, and ugly to boot.

WE DO IT: DON'T YOU! The White House is very disturbed about the “mystery drone” that crashed on the White House lawn. They think someone is “spying” on them. That's jist ORFUL! I guess they reserve the right to spy on YOU, but don't you DARE spy on THEM! Personally, I think “what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander,” and they're definitely “the goose.” They're pretty foolish to be mad because somebody MIGHT be spying on them, when they spy on US all the time.

IRS: YOU'RE DEAD! The IRS still has a problem figuring out who is alive or dead. I've always thought that “check box” on the OUTSIDE of the envelope the Social Security check comes in made it WAY too easy to convince them a person is dead, and the process for convincing them they are, in fact, alive, is too complicated and long-lasting. I wonder how many people had their Social Security payments stopped because of little more than somebody checking that box on the envelope, while it could take MONTHS, even YEARS to convince IRS they ARE still alive.

MICHAEL MOORE MISSES THE POINT: He calls snipers “cowards” because they kill from a distance, but he misses the point, entirely. Sometimes killing ONE person who is in a PIVOTAL position can save MANY lives. And you don't have to “call him out” and try to “beat him to the draw.” If he needs to die to save lives, it doesn't matter if the shooter is on a rooftop far away when he kills him. In war, if he NEEDS to be dead, it doesn't matter how he got that way. In a war, you don't "give the enemy a fair chance."

ASK QUESTIONS FIRST?” What kind of “colossal jewels of incredible STUPIDITY are there in the NAACP? They're saying when a thug points a gun at a cop he shouldn't shoot him, he should just “ask questions.” Ask questions? When a thug is pointing a loaded GUN at you? This is NOT a TV show where the cop engages in a soliloquy that convinces him to put his gun down and surrender. It's a “:life or death situation.” Yours or his. How STUPID is that”? You SHOOT him, before he can shoot YOU! There's a campaign on (promoted by Al Sharpton, a well-known thug) to KILL cops! Now its not the time to “go easy” on people with guns. If they point a gun at you, it's your RIGHT to shoot first, if you can. If he points a gun at you, shoot FIRST, ask questions later. They'll say this item is RACIST. That's their “fall-back position” when questioned.

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