Sunday, May 11, 2014

"Found Out Yesterday"

Director of Veteran Affairs Shinseki says he only found out about the scandal involving 40 (or more) deaths of veterans because of a “secret waiting list” to get treatment YESTERDAY. He’s in charge of this whole shebang! How could he NOT know about it? I”VE known about it for a WEEK, and I’m just one guy out there paying attention. If he DIDN’T know about it, he is INCOMPETENT and needs to be “sent home” with his tail between his legs; right along with Hillary and Obama and most of this crowd. Obama keeps saying of HIS scandals, “I only saw that on the news.” What a bunch of lying morons!

“DIVERSIONARY TACTIC”: That’s what House MINORITY Leader Peelosi calls the new committee to investigate Benghazi. But the REAL “diversionary tactic” here is the one being run by the democrat Party to keep us from finding out the Democrats are “hip-deep” in blood because of it. Previous “investigations” found out NOTHING because they WERE “diversionary tactics” designed to make us think they were actually DOING something about Benghazi, Remember, this is the moron who told us we “need to pass the bill to find out what’s in it” about Obama’s health care swindle law.

FIND HIM AND SHOOT HIM! That is what needs to be done about that arrogant son of a bitch who went on television and admitted to kidnapping hundreds if little girls and threatening to “sell them” into sex slavery. What POSSIBLE rationalization could be made by a SANE man for such actions? We need to find him and SHOOT him, along with other Islamic terrorists who commit such atrocities. And this is NOT an action against Christians! Most of these girls are MUSLIMS.

ALL MUSLIMS AREN’T TERRORISTS: But lately, all TERRORISTS have been Muslims. Even before they accidentally dropped the Twin Towers (a feat they swear was on purpose). Is it a coincidence that so many Muslims ARE terrorists? NO; they’ve been committing atrocity after atrocity for hundreds of years. Meanwhile, they try and convince us that only a SMALL NUMBER of Muslims are radical terrorists. But if you read their Koran, you’ll see this “religious text” ENCOURAGES what they have been doing.

The military is now talking about getting rid of their transgender ban. Boy, the folks at M*A*S*H will be mortified! Can they think of anything LESS important to spend time thinking about? They’ve already gotten rid of their other bans, why not this one? Maybe they should start paying attention to MILITARY things, not “social experimentation.” What’s next? Allowing CATS to be soldiers? THAT ought to be fun! How about making women sleep in the same room as men?

PEELOSI LYING AGAIN: She’s now telling us that members of several families of the victims murdered at Benghazi are asking them “not to make us go do this road again.” Do you know of ANY family who would NOT want to know who murdered members of their family? That it was better for them to “feel comfortable” than to “bring their murderers (including Obama and Hillary) to justice? As usual, she’s insulting our intelligence and pulling all the stops out to end the investigation into these murders because she’s afraid of what they’ll learn.

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