Friday, May 23, 2014

Ed Schultz Canceled

Remember the guy who said he would “take down” Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, and Fox News? Well. He has been “taken down.” And his named enemies had nothing to do with it. It was his miserable ratings that did him in. To those of us who wondered how such a fool could remain on the air, our questions are answered. He cannot. Not even in a liberal environment like MSNBC. You still have to perform, and apparently he could not. Now if that could happen to other “flaming liberals.” All of them will suffer when their bosses realize their ratings are "in the toilet" and are likely to stay that way as long as they spout such crap as they do.

UN "ALLOWS US" TO GO: Why the hell do we need “permission” from the United Nations to go into Nigeria and try to find those 300 missing girls? Are we really afraid of this incompetent, insufficient to do anything organization that keeps sucking money out of us? Does anybody really believe they will (or can) do ANYTHING against us if we go in anyway? Just “git ‘er done!” To HELL with the UN. Let’s just go fund those girls and put their kidnappers in the ground where they belong. Some people just don’t DESERVE to be alive.

BROKEN PROMISES: The Obama “legacy” is his string of “broken promises” coming from way before his election in 2008. One of the main ones not noticed until now is his promise that his administration would “make the VA a leader in health care reform so that veterans get the best care possible.” Which was obviously the last time he even thought about the VA during his two terms—until the “problems” bubbled to the top. He is now “angry as hell” about it, mostly because it came up “on his watch.” And he has no idea how to correct it.

CREATING YOUR OWN STEREOTYPE: People wonder why other people see young black guys running around wearing “hoodies” in the summer time and think they might be thugs, waiting to victimize them. Maybe it’s because so many young black guys who ARE thugs waiting to victimize you wear “hoodies” even in the summer. Same goes for white guys with tattoos all over their bodies. It’s almost like a signal to people: “I’m a tough guy. Stay away.” I’m not a young black guy, and I wear a “hoodies” in the winter. Am I a thug? Not even. I’m a white guy who is 76 years old. I’m no threat to anybody. So should I be tarred with the same brush I doubt it.

Under no less an “authority” than Barack Obama, seeing a young black man wearing a hoodies and being afraid is NOT racist. His own “typical white” grandmother said she was subject to that, and she was NOT a racist, She practically single-handedly raised HIM, a black man. I suspect young black en have CREATED that stereotype so they could criticize it and use it to lay the “racism” tag on anybody who expressed natural concern about meeting such a person at night, on the street.

IT’S NO LONGER ILLEGAL TO KILL THEM: It has been said that “the only reason some people are still alive is that it’s illegal to kill them.” Such protection is gone from the Boko Whorum terrorists in Nigeria after they kidnapped up to 300 young girls and threatened to sell them into sex slavery if some of their friends were not released from prison, where they are because of earlier crimes. If they’re found, I think we should kill them to a man, and right away. No trials, no imprisonment, so they can be used as an excuse for later terrorism. Just kill them, in the most painful way possible.

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