Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wasting Our Time

While Islamic-run countries are in the process of executing a Muslim woman because she had the temerity to marry to be a Christian married to a Muslim, current Secretary of State John Kerry (who served in Vietnam, don’tcha know) doesn’t seem to care. When a similar thing happened during Condoleeza Rice’s term, she got “on her high horse” and DEMANDED he be released. Kerry, however, wastes our time talking about that many-times debunked global warming (whatever they call it now) swindle.

BENGHAZI WHO? It really amazes me that the average person on the street, when asked about Benghazi, replies, “what?” The administration has been so good at suppressing the news about the deaths of FOUR embassy people including an ambassador that NOBODY but people like me, who pay attention, have any idea about it. Even Obama pretends he know nothing about it, like he knows nothing about all the other scandals plaguing his administration, and he says he’s “mad as hell.” Yeah, right! The loss of four embassy people to terrorists is a “phony scandal” MADE UP by the Republicans. Damn, what an out-and-out CRIMINAL we have in the White House! And NOBODY CARES!

PUTIN’S TEAM WINS! Surprise, surprise! Vladmir Putin played on an amateur hockey team recently, and they won, BIG. No doubt because of Putin’s SIX goals and FIVE “assists.” That’s like Obama throwing like a girl when throwing out the first pitch and being lauded for his “right on” pitch. Does ANYBODY with intelligence think ANYBODY who lives under his thumb would seriously get in his way when he shoots for a goal? Anybody who does, I want to talk to about a bridge in Brooklyn that’s a “steal.” That's if he's still alive after the game.

WE AREN’T AMERICANS? Not according to former presidential candidate, screamer DNC chairman Howard Dean, we’re not. Not if we’re Republicans, that is. He says, “Republicans are not Americans.” Howard Dean (I thought he was dead) basically said that ANYBODY who disagreed with him was “not an American,” meaning, I guess, all Republicans. I’ve heard this crap before. Mostly from racists who didn’t like for us to disagree with them. Is Dean a racist? I don’t know; he IS a Democrat, after all, the party that filibustered the Equal Rights Act and had so many former KKK members in it. Is there no LOW to which this fool won’t sink?

YOU RE YOUR OWN “FIRST RESPONDER”: When approached by an armed criminal, you are THERE when he decides to shoot you. The cops aren’t. They can take seconds, even MINUTES to get there. Buy that time, you’re dead. They can document your death and dispose of your body, but that doesn’t mean much to you; you’re dead. Anti-gun fools can’t understand this. They just hate the gun, in whoever’s hand it is. The laws they make KILL people, but they’re not concerned with that if they got rid of your gun.

MUSLIMS MISTREAT THEIR WOMEN: So why aren’t our pansy liberals concerned about that? They make them walk around in what amounts to a TENT, no matter how hot it is. They’re so afraid of their ability to keep their women is not enough that they HIDE them from the world. Then they make a “temporary marriage” to get around the Koran and  use a whore. They KILL women who have sex outside of marriage, even if it was the result of rape. And they require FOUR MALE WITNESSES to prove rape. I’d hate to be a woman in a Muslim-run country.

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