Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A world full of Fools

Did anyone ever think a bunch of people waving an American flag would be attacked and called “racist” for waving the American flag? Nobody's that stupid? Well, it happened at a small school in “The People’s Republic of California.” I never thought the fools could take over an entire state, but apparently it has happened, mostly because other fools already live there. Gia Lee (a natural reaction with a name like that, which tells me a lot about her parentage) said, “What’s wrong with these people holding up American flags in Morgan Hill? Racist a—holes!” I guess because she’s been taught to hate the American flag by her own family AND government, it’s racism for others to like it. What a real BITCH this is! No brain, big mouth.

SEND ‘EM HOME! Looking at the item above, I wonder why some people even COME here! People who come here (mostly illegally) who think it’s racist for good Americans to fly THEIR flag. Such people should be instantly deported (even if they are here legally). They’re not the kind of people we want in this country, and that has NOTHING to do with racism. It’s common sense. If they don’t like it here, what the hell are they doing HERE? It would be a FAVOR to them to send them back home where they like it. If they stay here, they’ll be nothing but trouble. So get RID of them! Damn!

GOOD LUCK, CLIVE! Cliven Bundy is filing CRIMINAL charges against the Bureau of Land Management, for assault, blocking access to federal lands, threatening to fire on unarmed citizens, stealing Bundy cattle and killing several. And they certainly have grounds for it, and plenty of proof. But good luck on getting anybody to take it seriously, Clive! The feds can do anything they want, it seems, without repercussions. Remember that guy who blew Randy Weaver’s (unarmed) wife’s head off with her infant child in her arms? He got a COMMENDATION later for that, quietly. I hope you make it, but I have no confidence in it.

THAT “MODERATE MUSLIM”: He’s a myth. Eighty percent of Muslims favor the institution of Sharia Law in the United States. Maybe they don’t understand that that will mean violence, but I think they do. The Koran DICTATES it. It says to “convert” every person they meet, or KILL them if they refuse. It tells them not to even associate with “unbelievers.” How they’re able to “convert” them without associating with them, I don’t know. Muslims are mostly ignorant people. The Imams see to it. Ignorant people are easier to manipulate.

STUNNING HYPOCRISY: Did you know that the CEO of the company who led the campaign to get rid of the CEO of Mozilla for a $1,000 donation he made YEARS ago to an outfit that supported Prop 8 in California HIMSELF made a similar donation? That’s similar to anti-gun fools, who go around themselves armed or escorted by armed guards. But that’s not surprising, considering the caliber of the people involved. They want to force it on US, but not have to follow it themselves.

IS IT A “WASTE OF TIME?” Liberals in DC say the new committee to investigate the Benghazi murders is a “waste of time” because several committees have already investigated it ad infinitum, ad nauseum. That’s what they’d LIKE us to think. Those “investigations” have found NOTHING because they were set up to fail; and they did. They were good “window dressing” to make us THINK they were actually “investigating” Benghazi, but they were not. If this new one is headed by Trey Gowdy, it just MIGHT do what all the others have failed to do, “get to the bottom” of the Benghazi mystery.

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