Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Obama's Disappointed With Us

That’s what New Yorker editor and Obama biographer David Remick says. He says it to explain Obama’s seeming disinterest in many important subjects. “The world seems to disappoint him.” But frankly, the world is disappointed with HIM. Everything he does advances socialism or his own personal interests and the very fact that a majority of Americans resist him “disappoints” him. Poor baby!

ROMNEY—AGAIN? Some people are working to “draft” Mitt Romney to run for president again. They’re citing the fact that Reagan ran THREE TIMES before he got elected. But Romney’s no Reagan. Not in his policies as governor, or anything else, though he has proven to be “eerily right” in many of his predictions. I don’t think he could win in a second try. He lost against a NOBODY candidate in Obama, about which nobody knew ANYTHING and still don’t (although facts about his background are dribbling out). If we’re going to lose again, let’s at least lose with somebody worthwhile—like Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, or Allen West. They’re worse, you say? Only in the minds of Democrats, and I’m tired of being told who to run by Democrats.

“NO ONE CARES”: The “Nation” says, “No one cares if you apologize for your white male privilege.” And there’s a good reason for that. NOBODY needs to apologize for their ACHIEVEMENTS, and that’s how they GAIN their “privileges” in a market-based society. How stupid are people who want to penalize achievement and take that away from them to give to those who are not capable of achievement!

OH, POOR BABY! Monica Lewinski says Bill Clinton “took advantage of me.” And she claims Drudge  “humiliated me.” This is a classic example of blaming everybody else but herself for her actions. It wasn’t somebody else who got on her knees in front of the president and gave him a BJ many times. It wasn’t somebody else who SAVED the dress he spewed on to use later to incriminate him. Nobody else but HER. Now she blames Drudge for “humiliating” her. It won’t wash, baby! You did it to yourself. Face it!

EVERYTHING’S RACIST! Is there ANYTHING liberals don’t call racist? Now they say not liking Mexican food is racist. Funny how having a different opinion than them suddenly becomes racist, just because they SAY so! On that basis, anybody who doesn’t like WHITE PEOPLE is racist. Hey! People who don’t like green cars are racist! People who call others racist are racist! People who don’t take steps to darken their skin are racist! I have a long list, but no room here for it.

NIGERIAN ISLAMISTS KIDNAP YOUNG GIRLS: Is there ANY crime Muslim terrorists won’t commit and tell us it’s okay because we have “offended” them? Obama is sending some people there to help in the search for these girls, most of whom will probably have been raped and mutilated before they can be found because the people who took them are the lowest form of life. Not near human. When they’re found, just shoot them, but not in a way to kill them quick. They need to suffer. They deserve nothing better.

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