Monday, May 19, 2014

Obama's "Mad as Hell!"

About the VA scandal. Mostly because it came out just before another election, I guess. He KNEW about it more than 5 years ago! He was briefed on it when he was given his “incoming brief” right after being elected he first time. And in all that time, he DID NOTHING! He was too busy making this into a socialized country and spending all its money to worry about veterans dying while waiting for treatment while his bureaucrats “gamed the system” to get bonuses for fast treatment the vets never got, and died of it. I’m “mad as hell” at HIS inaction! But then, that’s Obama. Be “mad as hell,” but do nothing about the problem.

All presidents have had scandals during their term. But Obama seems to be COLLECTING them. I think he has more scandals in his administration that any other in my memory—and my memory goes back a LONG way! And he calls most of them “phony scandals” while people DIE because of them. Many Mexicans have died because of his “gun-running” to the Mexican drug cartels, at least one of them an American (that we know of). Four people died at Benghazi from his inaction, and the inaction of his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Will he ultimately call this one “phony,” too?

PROBLEM IS THE BUREAUCRACY: The big problem in the VA scandal is the bureaucracy, not the doctors. There are many good doctors working for the Veteran’s Administration. And Obama expects a federal bureaucracy to properly run Obamacare? Damn! They can’t even come up with a working WEB SITE! And this is not limited to the VA. It is SYSTEMIC in the government! It has been proven that a bureaucracy can’t run ANYTHING properly. Too many bureaucrats are too interested in building their personal fiefdoms within the bureaucracy and getting their bonuses, so they FALSIFY things to keep the bonuses coming and keep their jobs without having to work too hard. I’m not saying ALL bureaucrats work this way; what I AM saying is that enough of them DO to make their presence harmful.

OBAMA’S ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Somebody said he couldn’t think of a single accomplishment one of his defenders could “reasonably” attribute to Obama. But I know. His major “accomplishment” is to WEAKEN the United States militarily, economically, and in the minds of people all over the world. He has made us into a PARODY of what we were, and he did it on purpose. He has successfully moved us as close to a socialist nation as has ANY liberal in memory.

“ISLAMAPHOBE” SUCCESSFUL CON: If you don’t want people to be able to criticize you as you go about killing and maiming innocents who don’t believe the exact same way you do, make up an insulting name and apply it to everybody who says or does ANYTHING you don’t like. Pretty soon people will come to believe this name is real and do everything they can to keep from being called such a thing as an “Islamaphobe” and you can continue your killing spree unhindered by (most) critics.

TEACHING “RIGHT” THINGS:  Liberals hate home schooling with a passion because home schooled kids escape the brainwashing they get in state-run schools. In a recent story, they tell of a bunch of EIGHT-YEAR-OLDS who chanted the “white privilege” slogans they were taught there, having no idea of what they were saying, just saying it. This is the kind of thing that LEADS to the racism liberals are PROMOTING to back up their fantasy that racism is increasing in this land. If it is, it’s because of their work.

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