Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Losing Wars

We haven’t won a war (except in Iraq) since WWII. Why? Not because we are unable to win wars. We still have the finest military in the world, despite the efforts of many liberal presidents to put an end to that. The POLITICIANS, who are “in charge” of any war, create an atmosphere where NOBODY could win a war; then they blame the loss on the soldiers. An example is the impossible “rules of engagement” now imposed in Afghanistan by Obama’s administration. They’re not allowed to fire upon Muslims approaching with guns and rockets UNTIL the terrorists fire upon THEM. So after they kill somebody, our troops THEN get to fire back.

HOW STUPID ARE THEY? It's pathetic we have an administration that thinks creating a hashtag will bother people who vie with each other to make us mad. Islamic terrorists work HARD to anger us. They’re willing to DIE to hurt us. So what makes the Obama administration think creating a “hashtag” on Twitter will make them want to send those girls back? Boy, they must be laughing HARD in their hiding places in Nigeria. The only way to handle such fools is to find them and KILL them, very painfully. But not this bunch. Except for dealing with dissenters, they’re very wimpy.

VA TRIES TO BLAME FOX: They tried to blame Fox for killing 40 (that we know of) veterans by denying them quick enough medical care. They apparently think if nobody knew about it, it would be okay. So the people who first brought it into the open are responsible for it. What kind of damned fools do they hire at the VA? I tremble to think about my brother, who uses the VA regularly. He fought for his country, but his country will not give him timely care.

NIGERIA DECLARES “TOTAL WAR” ON TERRORISTS: Really! I shudder to think about it, and I’m sure Boko Whoreram does, too. A regime that has been able to do NOTHING against them in the past is supposed to be able to do something now. I would like to PERSONALLY put a bullet in the brain of that cocky bastard who has been their spokesman. He needs an “attitude adjustment’ with a bullet.

KIDS FINKING ON FAMILY: Michelle Obama wants family members to “monitor” their family members for “racial insensitivity.” I guess so the Obamas can “play up” as many cases as possible to back up their fantasy that racism is growing in this country. The only reason racism MAY be rising in America is because Obama and his accomplices are PUSHING it as hard as they can, calling ANYBODY who so much as disagrees with them racists. So much so that the “racist” tag has become meaningless. Crying wolf never works, after a while.

“HASHTAG POLITICS?” That picture of Michelle Obama holding up a sign containing the “hashtag,” #bring our girls back, is pathetic. Do they really, HONESTLY think this will motivate those fool Islamic terrorists in Nigeria to bring those girls back? They can’t understand that Islamic terrorists DO what they do to make us mad? They mush be having a hearty belly-laugh in Nigeria when they saw that picture. Especially when it was repeated by other politicians.

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