Sunday, May 4, 2014

Why Are We Still Talking About This?

That’s what Nancy Peelosi, certified fool, asks about Benghazi. She thinks because it is “old news,” we should just “let it go.” But until some important questions are answered and SOMEBODY is “brought to justice” for those murders, we will keep on asking those questions until we grow old and have long, gray beards if they still haven’t responded. They think they can outwait us, but they’re wrong. Sure is nice for murderers to wonder why we're still asking about their crimes (for them, anyway).

ANY EXCUSE: Obama’s thugs will use any excuse they can to deny people the right to carry arms. Now they’ve made a rule that prohibits veterans who have trouble paying their bills from ever owning a forearm. They’re well on their way to creating a society in which the only way you can own a gun is illegally. So I guess you’d better find that guy who parks in a back alley with a trunkful of illegal guns for sale. they're bent on making you a felon so you might as well be one.

HILLARY SHOULD RUN: I think Hillary Clinton should run—as far and as fast as she can, AWAY, to get the hell out of here. If she ever became president, this country is OVER. If it isn’t already under Ovomit. I can’t for the life of me understand why so many people can’t see the danger in even THINKING about her as president. And I have nothing against the RIGHT woman as president. One like Sarah Palin, for instance. So don’t bother to accuse me of sexism. That dog don’t hunt.

IS RACISM A CRIME? No. and as odious as it is, it shouldn’t be. Racism is something that occurs IN THE MIND of the complainer. Like sexual harassment, if the person complaining THINKS it is racism (or sexual harassment) and the enforcer agrees, it is THEN a crime. It is SUBJECTIVE, and is subject to the JUDGMENT of the accuser and the enforcer. There can BE no such laws, that the enforcer or complainer can arbitrarily DECIDE is a crime, in their minds. Sorry, liberals, you can’t make a crime out of what people THINK.

WHY MAKE A PLANE DISAPPEAR? To give the media something to obsess over other than Obama’s CRIMES. To make them spend their time reporting on something else besides the scandals attached to the Obama administration. It’s really strange that something like this comes up magically when the media wants to know WHY Obama helped MURDER four embassy people to cover up his gun running to Syria terrorists. And they (except Fox and the other “alternative media) cooperated fully, reporting every “beep” heard in the ocean in the vicinity where they THINK the plane might have gone down.

“ELLEN LIED!” Who cares? That’s another “big story” to take up media air time and keep it away from Obama’s crimes. Along with the hooraw over Donald Sterling’s racist comments. Something like this comes up every day. They don’t care a whit about the “backlash” they create, such as Sterling being forced to sell the Clippers at “bargain basement prices.” So Sterling’s a racist. Who the hell cares? I wonder how many other team owners are racists, too? Maybe we should delve into the lives of ALL team owners to “dig out” any racist statements THEY might have made in private and had recorded by an angry girlfriend.

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