Monday, May 5, 2014

What's This Racist Crap?

Democrats and their “hangers-on have a bad habit of assigning the “racist” label to anyone Republican. So it’s not surprising that John McHale, the comedian at the White House correspondent’s dinner denigrated Republicans as racists. When are they going to learn that the REAL “racist party” is the Democrat Party? No amount of LYING about it is going to change the fact that MANY Democrats have turned out to be KKK members, now or before, that Martin Luther King’s marches were against DEMOCRATS, or that it was Democrats who filibustered the civil rights act. They were the racists, and still are.

STILL TALKING ABOUT STERLING: Even on Fox, who should know better, they’re still rehashing the Donald Sterling racism story over and over again, many times a day. They need to shut up about this. It means NOTHING. Meanwhile the murderers of Benghazi (Obama and Hillary) keep stonewalling Congress, hoping to keep the truth hidden at least until the next presidential election, where they hope to install “Obama light,” Hillary, as our new president, to keep the stonewall intact for another four years.

“ISLAM OR DEATH!” Must be nice to be able to give members of other religions a choice between converting to your “religion” or being murdered. Maybe that’s why they’re said to be “the fastest-growing religion” in the world. People “convert” to stay alive. Then they reinforce their beliefs on them by a further death threat if you violate their practices, or convert back to another religion. And this is the “religion of peace” our liberal media reports on and wants to impose on the rest of us. It amazes me that this phony “Religion” isn’t BANNED, worldwide. It should be. It’s a bunch of criminals PRETENDING to be a religion.

THE FIRST WE HEARD: The director of the VA hospitals in Phoenix says, “We first heard about those allegations (of vets dying while waiting on a “secret” waiting list for an appointment). Meanwhile, they have been under investigation for that for MONTHS. Sounds strange that they’ve never heard of it while they’re under INVESTIGATION for it. Meanwhile, vets are STILL dying while waiting for appointments, AND follow-up appointments.

OSAMA IS DEAD: That’s the litany of the Obama administration. I believe it. But I don’t believe Obama’s people killed him. I think Bush’s people "cluster bombed" his cave with him in it years ago. And they’ve been trying to convince us he’s still alive ever saince. Now it is to Obama’s advantage to make us THINK he killed him, and the Muslims want to help, because he’s their friend. So they’re finally going along with it to help Obama keep his political strength, even after he leaves the presidency (if he ever does)

: And he really thinks he has a chance of passing it. Boy, is he STUPID! He really wants to control EVERYTHING, and he thinks we will go along with it. The people ELECTED Adolph Hitler, didn’t they? And they elected HIM, too. But I think people have learned from that, and will vote ANYBODY who votes for this OUT in a New York MINUTE. Obama is just trying to go too far, and will soon get his comeuppance.

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