Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ban Islam!

Islam is the enemy to good order in this world. They have proved it, time and time again, in what they do. So why do the “powers that be” insist on catering to them in everything they do? Why do we stop using terms because they “offend Muslims?” Who the hell CARES what “offends Muslims?” They certainly don’t care, in Muslim-run countries, what offends CHRISTIANS or Jews, or members of any other religion not Muslim! They can’t beat us militarily, not even attacking soft targets so they use their phony religion to do what they can’t do with guns or bombs. And we’re stupid enough to let them get away with it.

THE BIGGEST BULLY OF ALL: Liberals like to talk about “bullying” and give us many instances of it. But the biggest bullies of all are those very liberals who cry in their beer so much about it. And with this government being run by liberals, I have to include the federal government in that assessment; and if you don’t believe that, just ask Cliven Bundy, who is fighting off the feds because Harry Reid wants some of his land for his own uses. What Harry wants, Harry usually gets, because he isn’t afraid to bully ANYBODY.

“TEA PARTY FALLING FAST!” That’s the word being put out by “The Nation” Magazine, one of the most despicable publications ever, outside of the KKK newspaper. It IS the “KKK newspaper” of the other side. It publishes lie after lie and calls it truth. Now, apparently, they think they can make it come true if they SAY the “Tea Party is falling fast.” But who among us listens to such a “fish wrap,” except the uninformed and stupid? The Tea Parties have gotten many non-liberals elected to office, and will be responsible for many more, “The Nation” notwithstanding. They only WISH the Tea Party was fading fast—or slow—or whatever. It would make their lives easier.

STUPID PEOPLE: How stupid are people who attend a “White Privilege Conference?” And how racist are they? Then they say something like this: “Would it surprise you to learn that some 2,400 students and educators were recently taught that ‘racism is central to America;’ that, ‘the longer you are in the Tea Party, the more racist you become;’ and ‘this country was built on white principles for white people’?” And these people have the GALL to accuse the Tea Party of racism! I’d like for them to give me ONE actual, provable instance of racism from ANYBODY identified with the Tea Party. But I don’t really expect a reply to this. There AREN’T any true replies, only lies.

“THEY WILLINGLY CONVERTED”: Two Armenian Christian families have, according to Muslims, “willingly converted to Islam” after being threatened with DEATH if they didn’t. On top of that, when the “heads of the families” converted, their entire family was then considered Muslim, whether or not they wished to be. And if they then DENIED their “conversion” to Islam, they would be subject to a DEATH sentence. That’s how Islam is a “fast-growing religion.” “Convert or die.” Yes, they may have “willingly” converted, to escape certain death.

HOW DO YOU “TERMINATE” A STATE? The word is out. If we default on just ONE payment of interest on our commitments, (which is OBAMA’S fault, in the first place) Obama is “ready to terminate” 16 states. What the hell does THAT mean? Will the citizens of those states become “non-citizens?” Personally, I think this is just more “fear-mongering” on his part I don’t think he has that kind of power, anyway, even though he does think so.

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