Friday, May 2, 2014

What About HIS Millionaire?

Democrat Sen. Harry Reid is making a lot of noise about the Republicans’ “hidden millionaires,” the Koch Bros., one of which wrote an op-ed saying he was fighting collectivists. Harry criticized the article, but said nothing about whether or not he WAS a collectivist. Another thing he didn’t talk about was HIS millionaire, who is much better hidden than the Koch Bros. Tom Steyer, who has promised $50 million dollars to Democrat candidates. And $50 million more later.

LIKE A FISH OUT OF WATER: Obama’s press flack was flopping round like a fish out of water trying to answer reporter’s questions about the e-mail that recently surfaced showing former UN ambassador’s “secret orders” from the White House to play up the “video” angle when talking about the Benghazi murders of embassy personnel. I’d hate to have his job, trying his best to twist the lies told by this administration way out of shape. I don't know; maybe he enjoys it.

LET’S GET PAST IT: That’s what Democrats are saying about the investigation into the Benghazi murders. They’re saying, “That’s old news.” That “These people have answered question after question. Let them alone.” But they haven't. They've "stonewalled" all the way. Meanwhile, we’re no closer to the truth than we were on the day of the murders, and Democrats want to “let it go.” Four people DIED because of the INCOMPETENCE (or maybe cooperation) of this administration and until we get to the BOTTOM if it and get the people responsible. I say we keep working on it until we all grow old and have white beards if answers are not forthcoming..

NO TAXES FOR TEN YEARS: The State of New York is worried because so many companies are moving out because of their extremely high taxes, led by the gun and gun parts makers. Now they’re running ads all across the country (I keep seeing one in Colorado) saying if companies move to New York they won’t have to pay taxes for TEN YEARS. Yeah, right. They won’t tax them for ten years; THEN they’ll “rip them a new one,” as they do ALL the businesses in New York State.

JAY CARNEY--OFFICIAL LIAR: I get a kick out of watching Obama’s current “official liar,” Jay Carney, squirm at the podium on the rare occasion that a reporter asks a pertinent, but uncomfortable question requiring him to LIE outright in a case where his lies are not only apparent, but are so obvious, they stand out like a pimple in the middle of his forehead. Like he’s doing now, when they ask him about that e-mail that shows definitively that the source of the “video” lie Obama, he, and the rest of the administration told was, in fact, the White House. His predecessor resigned when it became too much for him.

SHEPARD SMITH GAY? The left-leaning web site “The Gawker” thinks so, and they’ve put out a story about Smith and his supposed “boyfriend” coming to a company picnic one time, which Smith AND his boss label as a “pack of lies.” Typical liberal character assassination. But is he gay? Who cares? Liberals. claim not to care about such things and that we do. But it seems that liberals are the only ones who worry about it. Not only that, they’re the only ones that worry all the time about whether people are black or white. I think they’re lying through their teeth.

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