Monday, May 12, 2014

Benghazi Coverup

When four diplomatic personnel are MURDERED in a foreign country by an Islamic terrorist mob, you’d think we’d “go in with guns blazing” as soon as possible. But we have not. Instead, our president LIED to us for WEEKS about a phony cause of the murders to keep it from hurting his re-election. The terrorists rightly (as long as Obama runs things) consider us WIMPS who will do NOTHING as they murder our people and they will murder more. There have been numerous “committees” to “investigate the Muslim atrocity that have learned NOTHING because they weren’t really trying to learn anything. All they wanted was for it to LOOK like they were “doing something.” Damn!

WHAT IS IT WITH ATHEISTS? Some would call ME an atheist because I don’t believe EXACTLY the same way THEY DO, but I couldn’t care less about the symbols of their religion being seen. And it’s NOT AGAINST THE constitution to have religious terms in government-approved pledges. It IS unconstitutional to MAKE LAWS that stop people from believing any way they wish. By the way: that “separation between church and state is not in the Constitution, either. It was only something IN A LETTER between two of the FOUNDERS.

THAT INCLUDES ISLAM: I believe Islam is a “fake religion” designed to advance the POLITICAL aims of a certain group of people and it has fooled a lot of good people. But I STILL have nothing against their SYMBOLS being displayed on their own property. What I DO object to is when they insist on MY observing THEIR ways. I will NOT, now, or EVER. And I’ll fight them to the DEATH to keep their evil “Sharia Law” OUT of America.

OBAMA LIED AGAIN: And got caught. Even the liberal mouthpiece Washington Post agrees that his claim that Republicans “filibustered 500 pieces of legislation” was 400% WRONG. And he SHOULD know better. It was the kind of easily disproved LIE he tells all the time. He knows we can disprove such lies, but he tells them, anyway. He doesn’t care. He’s a pathological liar who would rather lie than tell the truth, even when the truth would serve better. He loves lying even more than he loves spending OUR money.

MISCONSTRUING BELIEFS: Let me say this FIRST: I have NOTHING against what gays do in private. That’s their business. But I DO have a LOT against militant gays trying to usurp the WORD “marriage” by calling their “contracts” between each other LIKE marriage (which they should be allowed to have), calling it “marriage.” It is NOT, and never WILL be. Another thing I vehemently object to is militant gays insisting on the teachers in my children’s schools teaching about the “joys” of being gay. They CALL it “equality” or something else that sounds good, but it’s NOT.

WHAT IS “LEGIMATE REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH? Pope Francis says we should “legitimately redistribute wealth.” What? What the HELL is “legitimate” redistribution of wealth not your own? And that’s what he’s talking about. Redistributing YOUR OWN wealth is not in question. If you want to give away YOUR OWN money, there’s nothing wrong with that. That's simple charity. But what he’s talking about is STEALING from the PRODUCER and GIVING to the NON PRODUCER. Taking property from those who EARN it and giving it to those who DON’T; that’s WRONG, and I don’t care who recommends it. Not if God himself recommends it.

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