Sunday, May 18, 2014

How Much Is Obama Worth?

The Blaze asked that question in a headline. What they meant was how much MONEY did Obama have after fleecing the USA. But they unwittingly asked a question that had a very different answer to those of us who pay attention to what he is doing to us: the answer is, NOTHING. As president, he is a disaster. He’s spent more money than there IS, and is merrily printing BILLIONS more every day, each dollar of which causes your money to worth less. He’s STEALING your money at the rate of a BILLION dollars a day.

HONORING A CRIMINAL: I can’t understand why people keep “honoring” people like AG Eric Holder as if they WERE “honored people.” Holder has proved himself to be a criminal many times; from refusing to prosecute Black Panthers for obstructing polling places to his interference with constitutional gun ownership, to his willful cooperation with Obama’s “gun running” to Mexican drug cartels and Syrian Muslim terrorists. It’s like appointing a Mafia consigliore to be the nation’s criminal attorney. Yet they still invite him to speak before graduating college students and give him “honored” status despite his crimes. It’s like hiring the fox to guard the hen house then telling him how great he is as he brushes the chicken feathers from his muzzle,

MUSLIM TERRORISTS FIREBOMB JEWISH GIRLS:  I would make this a major post in my other blog, “The Bull Cutter,” but there are so many stories about such Muslim atrocities, there wouldn’t be room for anything else. In fact, if I even ran a couple of LINES here on each one, it would take over this blog. Islamic terrorists threw bombs at a school bus full of Jewish girls in Israel. Fortunately, it was bullet-proofed, and the driver “got out of there” in a hurry. NO liberal media outlet reported on it. But this happens so often they have to “bullet-proof” their school buses. Does that tell you something?

EVEN CNN GETTING TIRED OF IT: CNN’s Jake Tapper was listening to Veteran’s Affairs Secretary Shinseki defend the record of the VA and soon had had enough. He demanded, “How many dead veterans do you need?” The response wasn’t reported, (surprise, surprise!) BUT I suspect Tapper will be ostracized at future events. I wouldn’t even be surprised to find him working for Fox soon. Tapper is the ONE CNN reporter who actually asks “hard questions.” I suspect his career at CNN won’t last much longer.

OBAMA VOWS TO “STAMP OUT RACISM”: It would be easy enough to do, just shut his own mouth and stop accusing everybody who disagrees with him of racism. And tell his accomplices to stop it, too. But does anybody think that will ever happen? Not as long as it works as well as it does. Of course, as with ALL of his promises, that’s a LIE. He promised to close GITMO, and in his 5th year it is still open. He promised you could keep your health insurance and your doctor under Obamacare and THAT’S a lie. Why ANYBODY believes ANYTHING this fool says is beyond me.

SPEAKING OF GITMO: Why did Obama EVER promise to close GITMO? If he closes it, he just has to find other paces for those murderers and rapists who PRETEND to be working for something good. And if he decides to move them into the United States, there’ll be a revolution by nightfall on the day he announces it. There’s no REASON to close GITMO except in the “fevered mind” of a liberal who just wants to "Treat them nice.". And if he just “turns them loose,” there’s be wonton murder here the same as there is in Israel, where they have to “bullet-proof” their school buses.

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