Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Obama Promotes Foreign Business

While spending NOTHING to promote business in the United States. Everything he does here INHIBITS business; higher taxes, more strangulating regulations that cost business a LOT of money. “Oversight” that stifles creativity, etc. The Canadian oil pipeline is something he should approve in an “eyeblink.” Both for the improvement in our relations with Canada and the jobs (THOUSANDS of them) it creates. Then consider how it would affect our dependence on foreign oil we must buy at inflated prices from people who HATE us, and he is the most “anti-business” president ever.

In Eastern Ukraine, they’re taking a vote on whether to become part of the Soviet Union (again) or becoming a “People’s Sovereign Republic,” which will LEAD to becoming part of the newly reconstituted Soviet Union. This is a standard scam used many times in the past to promote communism or socialism, it’s “step-child.” Give them two choices, either of which will lead to the same thing. The choice communists wish for. Only one of the choices SOUNDS like a good choice, but in reality, both lead to the same goal. Communist domination.

“BEATING THAT DEAD HORSE”: They’re still braying that Republicans are the racists in the FACE of sure evidence that the real racists in the past have been ALL Democrats. There have been many former (?) KKK members in Congress, and it is well known that the people Martin Luther King and his people fought were DEMOCRATS; that Democrats STARTED the KKK to inhibit black voters. That’s not opinion, that’s FACT! Yet they still bray about REPUBLICANS being racists. And those who pay no attention to politics BUY it.

What kind of FOOL is Rep. Charles Rangel to even THINK such a thing, let alone SAY it in public! How does this moron expect to get elected AGAIN with an opinion like that? Of COURSE people are going to “lose sleep” over Benghazi. Only FOOLS don’t lose sleep when their own president and secretary of state FACILITATE the MURDER of embassy personnel to keep Obama’s gun-running to Syria Islamic terrorists quiet. Yet this is the kind of people we (not me) have elected to run this country. We need to find some people who are not morons to replace them. He’s trying to change the subject; a common con.

A “PEACEFUL RELIGION. . .NOT!” Liberals try and try to convince us that Muslims are mostly peaceful, law-abiding folk and it is only a very SMALL segment of them who are killing and maiming people who don’t believe EXACTLY the same way THEY do. But facts contradict that. The very number of Muslim terrorist ATTACKS contradicts that. They could NOT cause that much damage all over the world with ONLY a FEW Muslims actively engaged in it. And Islam is NOT a religion. They only CLAIM to be for the benefits they can claim from it. You should hear what their Imams preach in their Mosques, where we are not allowed to enter. Islam is a POLITICAL SYSTEM pretending to be a religion and they’ve got a lot of people fooled. They’re “true believers” who will KILL you if you confront them. We need to KILL them if we catch them in the act. Not imprison them so their buddies can do more terrorist acts to get them out.

OBAMA STILL IN DENIAL:  He says, “Democrats are NOT ‘in trouble’ because of my policies.” What a MORON this guy is! Without his policies, they would NOT be “in trouble.” And until they realize this and change things considerably they are going to REMAIN in trouble. But they never will. They have a built-in INABILITY to recognize their own failures and to dismiss them as unimportant. This is one reason why Democrats will ultimately lose. Their policies are WRONG and they deny that at a deep part of their minds. We’ve had enough of it, and they have to go.

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