Friday, May 9, 2014

Campaigning for Murder

In Colorado, Sen. Mark Udall’s forces are running crap campaign ads condemning his opponent for being against infanticide. The murder, in the womb, of helpless infants before they have even a chance at life. I never thought I’d see the day when politicians openly campaigned for MURDER. But values today are so twisted it is happening in more places than one. They say he wants to make abortion a felony, “even in cases of rape and incest.” I doubt that, but ADOPTION at birth doesn’t stop a beating heart. And abortion is as hard on a woman’s body as childbirth. And it IS murder! For the convenience of people who couldn't bother to use a rubber.

THEY FOUND LERNER IN CONTEMPT: Big whoop! So what’s next? NOTHING. Holder is the THIRD AG who has been found in contempt, starting with Janet Reno, and nothing has happened to ANY of them except a lot of wind expended. Why? Because the Congress can’t prosecute them. So the case has to go to the Justice Department, which Holder runs. And the AG has complete power over whether or not they prosecute ANY case. So what are the odds of her being prosecuted? Slim to NONE. That’s how most presidents and other top politicians usually avoid prosecution for their crimes. No AG is going to pursue charges against the boss.

WE GIVE THEM MERCY: And they give us none in return. This is something our politicians will never understand. It’s a weakness Muslims take advantage of regularly, and continually push for more. They have “dietary restrictions” in their “religion” and we pay attention to them in feeding them in captivity. This should stop. People who do the things they do deserve NO special privileges. And if they’re caught in the act, they should be shot on sight. They deserve nothing better. I’d call them animals, but animals are better than they are and I don’t want to insult animals. I’m not speaking of the “moderate Muslims,” either of them.

That’s what Obama says. He also says there will soon be plenty of well-paying jobs. Also, he will soon lower the seal levels, as promised, and he is appointing the tooth fairy to an important government position. Santa Claus will be appointed chairman of the gift-giving committee. Punxsutawney Phil will be in charge of predictions. His will be a part-time position and he will be paid a little less than a full-time position. His pay will be only $200,000.00 a year with no vacations.

DIVERTING OUR ATTENTION:  Seems like every time we ask an “uncomfortable question” of a politician they try to divert our attention to the case of the hundreds of young girls who were abducted by Islamist terrorists in Nigeria. The first time this happened that I noticed was when someone asked Bob Beckel on “The Five” about one of Obama’s scandals and instead of answering it, he tried this tactic, and I’ve been noticing it ever since. I’ve counted at least fifty instances of it in the last couple of weeks. It’s not that I don’t care about those girls, but that’s a different case, altogether and can be discussed at another time. They need to stay on subject, answering the question asked.

DEMOCRATS BOYCOTT BENGHAZI COMMITTEE: Democrats are sorely afraid. They know Trey Gowdy can’t be bought, and he is a superlative prosecutor. He has not lost ONCE in his entire career. So they KNOW he will get to the bottom of Obama’s and Hillary’s crimes that led to the deaths of four embassy people and it’s causing their panties to be in a bad twist. They don’t know what to do about it, so they just BOYCOTT it (They're saying, 'we can't win so we'll take our ball and go home'.”  What earthly reason would they have to boycott it if they weren’t frightened about what is going to be found. Previous committees have come up with NOTHING because they weren’t really looking and were peopled (for the most part) with people who didn’t care and had reason to obstruct a factual finding.

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