Saturday, May 17, 2014

Holding Them Accountable

That’s the biggest problem in politics today. People (mostly those who pay no attention to politics until politics affects them), continue to vote for the incompetent politicians now in DC, no matter how stupid they show themselves to be. That’s why I wrote my second book, “Pay ATTENTION to Politics!” which is available on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. It’s a long time past the point where people should ALWAYS pay attention to what their politicians are doing to them, and hold them responsible!

That’s what New York Governor Cuomo short-sightedly did when he told conservatives that they “had no place in his state,” like he owned the state and nobody else had the right to comment. And conservatives heard him. Led by Rush Limbaugh, who moved to Florida years ago (and is still being audited (hounded) by NY State every year), other conservatives like Sean Hannity are moving. Hannity has announced a move to Florida, with a part-time residence on a ranch in Texas. Both have NO state income tax. And I’m confident more will follow, taking their money with them. I expect more to follow. Not just gun makers.

STILL INSISTING WE’RE RACIST: It astounds me that the most racist political party in our history, the Democrats, is getting so much mileage out of the FALSE accusation of racism among conservatives. One Democrat recently was quoted saying that “Tea Party members are racist, and the longer they’re IN the Tea Party, the more racist they become.” Of course, they can find NO EVIDENCE this is true, since it isn’t. But they bray it, anyway, not knowing how STUPID it makes them look.

GOES WITHOUT SAYING DEPT.: Arianna Huffington warns us on Bill Maher’s cable show: “It’s dangerous to criticize Muslims.” She says that like we didn’t know it already. Islam is the only “religion” that says, “convert or die.” Which is a powerful reason to “convert.” At least, make them THINK you converted. “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” Neither can you FORCE a person to BELIEVE. But the Muslim “leaders aren’t smart enough to know that.

DON’T KNOW HOW HE DID IT: Rush Limbaugh, author of “Rush Revere” series, has been declared “Children’s Author of the Year.” Considering the liberal makeup of those running things in the awarding of such awards, it amazes me that a conservative could possibly win this award. Conservatives don’t usually win such awards. In fact, they don’t usually win awards at all, because most such awards programs are run by liberals.

BIG MISTAKE: The Islamic terrorists made a BIG mistake when they took down the World Trade Center in New York City. You kill 3,000 people and you crate 3,000 enemies—or more. And some of those people know how to fight back. Every time they kill some innocent non-combatant, they create some more enemies. Enemies they will not recognize as enemies until it’s too late, and they’re dead. Yes, I know, they consider everybody who doesn’t believe EXACTLY the same way they do to be an enemy—but not one that is ready, willing, and knows how to kill them. They’re cowards; they never go after “hard targets” where they might get some opposition. They want to kill women and children, who can do them no harm.

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