Thursday, May 15, 2014

Kill Them First!

Islamic terrorists are commonly treated with “kid gloves” when captured by American forces. We put them in prison, where they continue to make trouble for their jailors while their friends on the outside commit more atrocities to get them released, even if they have been CONVICTED of many murders. The kidnapping of hundreds of young girls in Nigeria, for instance, has now been made clear it was done to get other terrorists released from prison. This is their “modus operandi.” So our “modus operandi” should be to kill them as a FIRST OPTION when they’re caught in the act so they can’t use innocents like these girls to get their criminal friends released.

“WAR ON CHRISTIANS”:  Kimberly Gilfoyl, on “The Five,” says, “The Islamic terrorist group in Nigeria has ‘declared war’ on Christians.” Yes, they have. But they’re not alone in that. Way too many people in our own country and all over the world have done the same. It’s mostly Muslims killing Christians, but people right here at home do appalling things to Christians, all the time. Mostly the ones here don’t kill them, but their treatment of them is only a matter of degree. I’m sure if they thought they could get away with it, they’d be killing them, too.

That’s what a recent “study” claims. That when parents smoke, the chances that their kids will smoke, too, increases tremendously. Another phony anti-smoking “study.” I smoked like a chimney for 45 years before I quit almost 30 years ago, and NONE of my children smoke today. I quit smoking almost 30 years ago, ”cold turkey.” No patches, no gum, nothing. I just woke up one day and said, “I’m tired of smoking,” and that was it. I never picked up another cigarette, cigar, pipe, or anything else. And I haven’t regretted it. But not because of their propaganda. Just because I decided I was tired of smoking.

PUTIN SCORES! Putin was a player on an amateur hockey team not too long ago and scored SIX goals. Liberals and gullible people worldwide are lauding him. I even heard one conservative woman say, “Why can’t he be OUR president?” I’m sure she didn’t mean it, or had not thought it through. You want somebody WORSE than Obama, try the former KVD man, Putin. Just a question on how he did it: do you know ANYBODY in Russia who would get in Putin’s way as he went for a goal? I’m surprised he didn’t score 100 goals! I would, but I probably wouldn’t last long.

CAN’T SAY “MURDERER”: Wouldn’t it be nice if cops were forbidden to use he word, “murder” or any derivative of it in their correspondence or speech? That would make it difficult for them to investigate murders, right? Well, CAIR wants to BAN the use of the words, “Islamic extremism” or any derivative of it in America. And they’re likely to get some serious acceptance from our liberal fools in charge. They’re the ENEMY; and we may soon not even be able to NAME them. It’s like not being able to use the term “Nazi” during World War II. It’s stupid, but it’s happening. And our own people are LETTING it happen.

THE “WIMPIFICATION OF AMERICA”: They’re trying to “wimpify” football. Soon they will not be able to tackle people in football because those wimps in the “statehouse” think it’s “too hard on people’s heads” to play the game. And they might be right, but players know what they’re getting into when they sign up to be made into a millionaire for their abilities in handling that silly little ball. I’m not a big football fan, and if the game disappeared entirely it would not bother me in the least. But it would bother many others, whose lives seem to revolve around football. And that’s sad.

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