Sunday, May 25, 2014

Life Means Nothing

Today, life means nothing in America, as well as the rest of the world, starting with the Supreme Court ruling allowing us to kill our babies rather than bother to wear a rubber when having sex. The most recent evidence of that is the California shooting rampage where Elliott Rodger shot up the campus of UCLA, Santa Barbara because he couldn’t get any sex. He blamed that on the “aloofness of women.” His Facebook post about it indicated his hatred for the “whole human race.” And it was all because he couldn’t “get any.” Never a thought for the fact that his ineptness was at fault; he blamed everyone else rather than himself. Much like Obama.

MANDELA WAS A COMMUNIST: I know that doesn’t mean much to people nowadays. I know the word “communism” is calculated to put you to sleep. That’s the way the communists PLANNED it when they let the communist regime in Russia “collapse.” But the SAME PEOPLE are still in charge there, and they are still a socialist (collectivist) country with socialism being only one different form of collectivism. But it pains me to see the world “deifying” someone like nelson Mandela and refusing to see the EVIL in his thinking. I’m glad he’s dead. Sue me.
“CRIMINALS OBEY GUN LAWS… Like politicians follow their oaths of office.” Naturally, this sign “ruffled some feathers” in DC because everybody knows it refers to Barack Obama, who has violated every part of his oath of office and that sign got too close to the truth. It really makes liberals jump up and down when we get too close to the truth. Not that it ever does them any good, because we just ignore their manufactured outrage. And we will until they get enough power to jail us or kill us. But that's okay with me because I don't want to live under that kind of tyranny.

THUG PUTS WOMAN IN HOSPITAL: This in one of those ubiquitous “knockout game” attacks. Ibraham King (a suspected Muslim) broke a woman’s nose. Then her friend catches him and during the fray, pulls out one of his “dreadlocks.” He forced Ibraham to apologize, then Ibraham got away. But cops caught him not far away and he will get to spend some time in prison for his “prank.” I’d have put HIM in the hospital for a long time.

THUG RUNS INTO CONCEALED CARRIER: In yet more proof that I’m right when I say the best way for us to defend ourselves from criminal attacks is to have a gun the attacker doesn’t know we have is this one, where a thug attacked a man who was waiting to pick up his child. Three of them ran up and attacked this man, who pulled his legally carried gun and shot one of them. They don’t say, but I’d think the others might still be running. But the one that got shot is now in jail and even he admits it was a bad idea and that he “got off easy.” I just don’t understand the thinking processes in people who think this kind of n attack is “fun.”

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