Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Special Prosecutor?

Yes, a thousand times YES! Does ANYBODY really think the Justice Department (under which the IRS operates) will actually “prosecute” her? Or the IRS? If you do, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I want to talk to you about. You’re so STUPID you’ll fall for ANYTHING! You’ll even fall for AlGore’s global warming swindle! And that’s been proved FALSE every way possible. I hope that doesn't apply here.

OBAMA’S LEGACY: His legacy is going to be major retailers going out of business. It has happened to many, but this one impacts me, personally. When a major book sales house like Barnes and Noble goes out of business (which it has announced), where am I going to get certain books you can’t seem to find at the drug store? Like Lee Child books or William W. Johnstone books? Or who is going to sell MY books? When Amazon goes out of business, the “end is near. Except for used bookstores (which are becoming scarce as hen’s teeth)” there just are NOT any small, local book stores left. My own son’s was one that has closed.

WHY ALWAYS REPUBLICANS? The Democrats make a big thing of the fact that the only people trying to reverse Obama’s disastrous policies are Republicans. They call that “just politics,” wishing to minimize the effect of their “interference.” But who else is going to go after Obama’s disastrous policies? Other Democrats, whose lives and careers Obama can easily hurt? NO DEMOCRAT is ever going to “go after” Obama. He knows where ALL the “bodies are busied,” and probably buried more than a few himself.

“IT’S DRUDGE’S FAULT”: Monica Lewinski is back, and now she is not blaming the Clintons for her “woes” after she gave Bill Clinton oral sex in the White House while diplomats waited in the outer office. Now she says it’s “not Clinton’s fault,” it was “DRUDGE,” who “humiliated” her and should “come under some sort of control.” Which is a foolish notion, since Drudge simply reported the instance of her giving a BJ to Clinton in the Oval Office. She brought the “humiliation” on herself. She is a damned fool and deserved all the notoriety she got. I don't feel a bit sorry for her.

“KOCH BROS. CAUSED GLOBAL WARMING”: That’s the liberal way: use one manufactured hoax to prop up yet another manufactured hoax. That’s why Harry Reid is now saying the Koch Brothers are the main cause of global warming (which doesn’t exist). Of course, he doesn’t say WHY, because there IS no “why.” It’s just another Reid LYING claim. You know, like the one where he said Romney didn’t pay his taxes, but provided NO proof? What about his own zillionaire (Tom Steyer)? You know, the one that has promised $100 million if Obama “did something” on global warming? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

THEY CHANGED IT AGAIN! Global Warming didn’t work as well recently for AlGore’s swindles because that pesky globe stopped cooperating 17 years ago and is no longer “warming.” So the money started drying up because his fools no longer believed in him and his swindle. He had to do something, so he changed it to “climate change” and the money kept coming in for a while. But they got “wise” to that, too, so now he’s changing it to “climate disruption,” a term sufficiently neutral that he could use ANY weather change to promote his swindle.

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