Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What's Wrong At the VA?

Recently, we’ve been hearing many reports about bureaucrats at the VA LYING and misrepresenting their treatment of veterans, causing 40 deaths (that we know of) while waiting for service, while those bureaucrats got BONUSES for their “exemplary treatment” of veterans; treatment that did not happen, but that fact was covered up. The problem is SYSTEMIC in government, not just in the VA. Top executives are revealed to have NO KNOWLEDGE of what’s going on in their departments, like the IRS. These bureaucrats know how to “game the system,’ but the “top brass” do not. Thus, they don’t know what to look for. This has to stop.

IS GOWDY’S COMMITTEE GOING TO BE DIFFERENT? Liberals (Democrats) decry the establishment of yet ANOTHER committee to “investigate” Banghazi. They say it has “been investigated to death” and we’re just wasting time and money on yet another committee. But so far, those committees have not elicited ANYTHING in the way of cooperation from the bureaucracy. They’ve been stonewalled from the word go, and put up with it. Gowdy has “thrown down the gauntlet” and just MIGHT be able to succeed where other feeble efforts have failed. He sure has FRIGHTENED them!

ADS ARE IRRITATING: I’ve been noticing a lot lately that ads, which are supposed to not “get in the way” are doing just that: getting in the way. I’ve been reading the comics online for a while now, since I stopped reading the Denver Post, the only major newspaper in Denver after the Rocky folded. There’s an annoying ad that slides in on the left at “GO Comics” that is very bothersome. At the same time, I watch NASCAR races and from time to time they slide an ad DIRECTLY over the “action” in the middle of the screen so we can’t see what’s going on until the ad slides away. This is very disturbing and it has to STOP. Or I, and a lot of other people, will stop using these services.

THE “BLAZE” HAS A PROBLEM:  I read The Blaze regularly in my quest for news the liberal media ignores. Lately, about half the time, I click on something and, instead of getting what I clicked on, I get a pageful of HTML code. Somebody there is screwing up terribly. The Blaze better correct it, or they’re going to lose a lot of readers. You’d think SOMEBODY there would look at what they’re putting on the Internet to see if it actually IS going out. They’d better start. I have to.

NOTHING WRONG WITH HER BRAIN: People are questioning Hillary’s fitness to be president because of that fall that kept her from testifying before one of those Benghazi “committees.” Bill says she suffered a “terrible concussion.” But my problems with her have nothing to do with her brainpower. My problems are with her LEANINGS. If you think Obama is bad, try Hillary. She’s more dangerous than Obama, worse than Bill, worse than ALL liberals out there, because liberals are “lined up” to support her, in spite of her shortcomings.

I keep hearing that, then I keep hearing the names of Republicans whose “time has come,” not because they ARE “strong Republicans. It seems like the Republican Party is determined to lose, considering the people they run for president, especially. Bob Dole may have been a war hero, but he was a dweeb as a presidential candidate. So was Romney. Democrats have efficiently ELIMINATED candidates who ARE strong, BECAUSE they’re strong. The GOP can’t stand strong candidates any more than Democrats can. Example: Sarah Palin would be an EXCELLENT presidential candidate, AND president. But she frightens the “old guard gate-keepers.” And they cooperated with Democrats to make her into a pariah.

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