Saturday, May 3, 2014

Did Obama Plan Benghazi?

It’s becoming clear that Obama planned what happened in Benghazi to eliminate an ambassador who knew he was “running guns” to the Syrian rebels who were now known to be Islamic terrorists who had taken over the revolution there. It’s obvious he planned the coverup and, even when that coverup failed, he continued it, and Hillary asked before Congress, “What difference does it make?” She might as well have said, “Who cares that four people died?” She obviously doesn’t, and neither does Obama. The evidence is that even CNN knows who planned and executed it, but he is still running free.

WHY ISLAMIC “ADVISORS”? Why is Obama appointing Muslims as “advisors?” Does he not know we are AT WAR with Islamic terrorists? Yes, that doesn’t necessarily include many Muslims. But why trust them enough to appoint them to powerful positions in his GOVERNMENT? What kind of a FOOL is Obama? I guess not being able to run again has gone to his head. He now no longer cares a BIT about what Americans think. People are now saying that soon America will be a “third world country.” And it’s all because of Obama’s policies.

CARNEY TAP DANCES: It’s funny to watch Obama’s “paid liar” tap dancing around the truth as reporter after reporter (mostly from Fox, since the others have no interest) asks him about those damning e-mails that have suddenly come to light, against the hard work of this administration to keep them secret. I expect him soon to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor, who had enough of it and quit. Unless he enjoys it.

WHAT THE HELL’S HE DOING HERE? A Muslim Imam in Tennessee says, “Jews and Christians are filthy.” This from a representative of a political system PRETENDING to be a religion; one that approves of murdering young women for just TALKING to the wrong man. One that lets just ANY Muslim man beat a woman on the street for showing so much as an ankle; or who approves BEHEADING those who don’t believe the exact same way they do. Why is he here, living among all those Christians and Jews? He should go back to his Muslim-run country and SHUT UP! Or is he here to subvert this country from within?

WHAT SHOULD GOVT DO? About racist remarks? That’s the question they are asking in the wake of Clipper owner Sterling’s racist screed. The answer? NOTHING. It’s not the business of the government to do anything about racist remarks. Especially when members of this government are the worst offenders. Oh, they couch it in good-sounding terms, but racism it is. Obama is the biggest offender, calling people racist just for disagreeing with him. And his acolytes take a tip from him and do it, too.

THEY KNEW: Almost immediately, Obama and his administration knew Benghazi was a coordinated terrorist attack by al-Qaida affiliates while it was happening. But that would deny Obama’s claim that al-Qaida was defeated. So they concocted this phony story about an “insulting video,” using a video nobody up to that time had ever seen. They told that story over and over until proof positive came out showing it to BE a false story. Now they call it :”old news” and tell us to forget it. Meanwhile, none of the questions have been answered and NOBODY has been “brought to justice” for those murders, making us the “paper tiger” the Orientals call us. This shows plainly what FOOLS we have running this government.

SPECIAL COMMITTEE ON BENGHAZI: This is a House committee to investigate what happened in Benghazi, hopefully to be headed by Trey Gowdy. Another committee? Yet another attempt to break through the veil of phony that Obama has erected around his murder of an ambassador to cover up his “running guns” to Syrian terrorists pretending to be simple rebels. Will this committee accomplish anything all the previous committees have not? Maybe; with Gowdy at its helm, but it will be hard. Obama has much experience covering up his scandals.

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