Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Obama Is Lawless

He is “ruling” this country from the Oval Office and “going around Congress” with impunity. He gets a standing ovation (from the very congresspeople he was raping) at the “State of the Coup…er, Nation”: when he announced that was what he was going to do. In addition, he either enforces or does NOT enforce laws at his pleasure and Congress does NOTHING about it—which is why he’s getting away with it. I’m still waiting for a member of Congress to get some gonads and DO something REAL about it.

SAME SEX MARRIAGE BENEFITS: Holder is taking a page from Obama’s book and he is going to blatantly violate the law. He has announced a policy of extending marriage benefits to same-sex couples, even in states where such marriages are illegal. This is not an argument of right and wrong on the subject of same-sex marriages. I think if gays want to announce their gayness to the world, they should have that right. But to “trample on state’s rights,” as Holder is doing is UNLAWFUL and arrogant in the extreme. I’m waiting for Holder’s “partner” to come forward.

THEY THINK WE’RE FOOLS: Obama and his fools are trying to convince us that being unemployed or underemployed is a GOOD THING because the only reason to work is to get your health insurance paid for by your boss and with Obamacare now assuring it, you don’t need to work. I got a clue for them. There are OTHER reasons for working; like having money to pay the bills so we can have a place TO eat, drive around, and buy clothes. They completely ignore that. What a bunch of incompetent damned fools we’ve got in DC! Starting at Obama’s desk.

STUPID SCHOOL OFFICIALS: The principal of at least one school is complaining about a PICTURE of a gun on a sign that says, “no guns allowed.” Way to compound the stupidity of making schools “gun-free zones,” thereby INVITING shooters in to shoot them since that sign says, “There won’t be any guns here to oppose you, so come on in and kill our students.”

OBAMA: “I RESPECT THE CONSTITUTION”: In 2003 Obama said, “Unlike the current president, actually respect the Constitution.”  Er…What? The man who is working HARD to destroy the Constitution and violates it every day, “respects” the Constitution? Was he lying then or is he lying NOW? I suspect BOTH TIMES, knowing his reputation for lying every time he opens his mouth. Again, this is something that calls out for the use of the word “hypocritical.” I just can’t get away from the use of that word with today’s politicians in power.

A HYPOCRITE AGAIN: Remember the big hooraw when Sen. Diane Feinstein, one of the best-known anti-gun fools out there was found to be a licensed gun carrier? Now something worse has happened. Wayne Ferguson, an outspoken anti-gun ACTIVIST, is a licensed gun carrier and got caught carrying it into a SCHOOL. A place that is a “no-gun zone.” Even his anti-gun cohorts said “he could have helped” if he wasn’t the one with a gun they were looking for. How many more anti-gun fools will be found to be licensed carriers? Laws for us but not for THEM.

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