Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Worried About Gays

Politicians make a lot of new laws about gay people. Militant gays demonstrate all over the place to be “recognized.” They want the right to be “married” and have all the rights and privileges of “marriage.” I don’t begrudge them those rights and privileges, but I DO deny them the USE of the WORD “marriage.” That being said, I think there are way too many things more important for politicians to be “worried” about, and I wish they’d get to them.

KILLING JOBS: Obama knows raising the  minimum wage kills jobs for people who have no skills to offer so they can no longer get jobs and LEARN skills to increase their WORTH to potential employers later. He KNOWS that people with families typically don’t go after minimum wage jobs. But he’s determined to make the minimum wage $10.10 an hour, pricing these people out of the market. I’ve said before that everything he does is DESIGNED to kill jobs, and he proves it every time he suggests something like this. But don’t try and convince him or his thugs of this. They’re all as incompetent as he is.

FOOLING ALL THE PEOPLE: Lincoln famously said, ”You can fool all the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool ALL the people all the time. Obama fooled ALL the people the first time, and most of the people the second time. Now they’re “wise to him,” and the people he puts forward in the next election will NOT win. If they do, I give up on intelligent voters. The people who just want a “free ride” will be taking over.

REVIVING COMMUNISM IN THE UKRAINE: Putin is trying HARD to revive communism in many places, today most obviously in the Ukraine. But he has lost the people, and they have “overthrown” the “puppet president” who wanted to increase ties with Russia. He will not stop trying, but he has lost, for now. Putin says he is no longer a communist. But he IS a socialist, which is much the same. And he “rules with an iron hand,” which is not much different from when communism “ruled” in Russia and many other countries.

CALIF DROUGHT SELF-CREATED: And they still haven’t figured it out. The drought was CREATED by their water policies that allowed their water to be sent elsewhere. They’re predictably blaming everyone else but their own politicians and the drought continues—and WILL continue until California politicians “get wise” and retain their water. But it won’t happen as long as “Governor Moonbeam” is still in power. Californians were stupid enough to elect him again and I hope they find someone competent (not an actor) to replace him. Although they DID get a “gem” when they elected Ronald Reagan. I sincerely wish he was still alive, or that there was SOMEBODY like him willing to take on the presidency.

HURTING BUSINESS: I’ve said many times that everything Obama does hurts business, and that’s according to plan. They always call it something THEY think is good, like “reducing emissions,” but mainly it hurts some private business. Recently, he signed an executive order telling his thugs to raise the requirements concerning emissions in trucks. Which will cost trucking companies BILLIONS to conform. Larger customers will just pass the cost along to us, but many smaller ones will go under. Like his pledge to “bankrupt the coal industry,” he is “marching forward quickly” to destroy private enterprise.

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