Thursday, February 6, 2014

"Good Things" In Obamacare?

Neil Cavuto has a show called “Common Sense” where he expounds on the human condition every day on Fox. The other day he said, “There are some good things on Obamacare. One of them is coverage for pre-existing conditions.” What? Is he STUPID? To cover pre-existing conditions is to go bankrupt for any insurance company stupid enough to do it. But Obama will FORCE them to do it, and down the road will find it necessary to “subsidize” this welfare plan (with YOUR money) where you can get sick, THEN go out and buy some insurance.

PAYING PEOPLE NOT TO WORK: That’s what we’re doing. Obama is lengthening the time you get unemployment payments instead of trying to create an atmosphere where new jobs are gained, he makes it easier to not work. He increases the number of people on food Stamps and other forms of welfare while refusing to do anything to create new jobs. He steadfastly continues to refuse to allow the Keystone Pipeline, even though there is no longer any reason to block it. Everything he does makes it more and more impossible to find jobs while paying people more and more not to work. He’s going at it all wrong, but will not admit it, nor will he DO anything about it.

THE “CASH COW”: Global warming has been proven to be a hoax many times, but many people still believe in it as if it were a religion, in spite of the evidence. Why is that? Why do people insist on believing a lie, though the evidence has clearly proven it to BE a lie? AlGore has used this con to become a multi-millionaire and is still touting it, although he found it necessary to change its name to “climate change” when it was found conclusively that the globe had not been “warming” for more than 15 years. Even Obama seems to have “bought” this lie, and is predictably using it to help him gain even more power and the ability to raise even more taxes. It’s a “cash cow” that is worth billions if used right.

USING RACE CARD MORE OFTEN: Racist whore Al Sharpton wishes Obama would help him con more people out of more money by using the race card more often. I think Obama uses the race card way TOO MUCH, Racism is not nearly as widespread as Sharpton—OR Obama would have us think it is—unless you consider the racism THEY promote and THEIR racism against white people. They see white racists under every bed. But there isn’t room there with all the black racists already hiding there.

RICH PAY MOST INCOME TAXES PAID: There’s no denying that. The government itself confirms it (Congressional Budget Office). But Michelle wants to con yet another $10 out of each one of them to promote her husband’s health care swindle con. They’re never satisfied. No matter how much money they con out of us, they’re NEVER satisfied. They always want more. They’ve got people sitting in “smoke-filled rooms” 24 hours a day working on coming up with more ways to con us out of more money and power.

POWER MAD COP: A cop in California told the driver of a fire engine parked so as to protect rescuers from oncoming traffic (Something taught them in fire school) to move it or be arrested. The fireman said he’d have to check with his captain and was subsequently placed in irons and seated in the back of a squad car, completely ending his ability to help the people in the accident. This proves that some cops have an exaggerated idea of their own power and a cop who would do this needs to be FIRED and never allowed to put on a badge again. Ever. Anywhere.

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