Friday, February 7, 2014

"They Talk About It Cuz You Promote It"

Obama said that, and that's a lie. Fox talks about it because it HAPPENED and Fox viewers want answers: answers Obama isn't willing to GIVE them. Therefore they keep ASKING them and Fox keeps on reporting that. As usual, Obama is blaming everybody BUT himself for his problems. His problems arise from his incompetence and his lack of caring about what people think. Not from what Fox thinks they should publicize. What will Fox do when Obama is gone? Keep on asking the same questions until SOMEBODY answers them truthfully, which is not likely as long as Obama is still in office.

POOR BABIES! The morale is down at the IRS, so Obama is going to give them $46 million dollars in bonuses for their "good work." No? To raise their morale! Why do they need their morale raised? They had a lot of fun asking stupid questions of conservative organizations when those organizations asked for tax-free status, and they're still doing it. They're making Obama very happy. So why the low morale? Do they really think Americans should love them? If they do, they're stupider than I thought they were! For my part, they can drag their morale on the floor behind them.

OBAMA WANTS TO RIP YOU OFF: They’re LOOKING for you. All you young, uninsured people out there he wants to rip off to pay for the medical care old folks NEED, but you don’t. They know where you live. They can track you down and take the money out of your bank account with NO court action, at all. They want your money to prop up their unworkable health insurance swindle. Don’t think you can escape: they’ll either get your money to buy what they call ”insurance,” or they’ll fine you. And don’t think that will be the end of it. I’m sure that fine will be levied once a year, or maybe even once a MONTH. They’ll hunt you down and call you a “tax cheat” when you’re not.

LAWS FOR THEE BUT NOT FOR ME: That’s how Obama operates. He talks about “equality in pay between men and women, but he pays his female employees LESS than his male employees. He doesn’t want you to know that, but he doesn’t really care if you do. It’s not as if he NEEDS your vote again.

GOVT DECLARES “PREPPERS” MENTALLY I’LL: Must be nice to be able to arbitrarily declare your critics to be mentally ill and be able to institute procedures to put a stop to them that are “legal.” That’s one of the ways the Soviets controlled their population, by declaring people who opposed them to be insane and put them in asylums. And that’s the direction Obama is moving in. People who know what’s coming and are preparing by stocking food and other necessities MUST be insane, right? I’m not a “prepper,” because I’m too old to still be alive when America’s second revolution begins (I hope). But I can see it coming, and it WILL start especially if Obama’s schemes to stay in office past the end of this term are successful. America will NOT stand for it.

THEY THOUGHT HE’D BE EASY: He’s 84, and was a Marine. They thought it would be a “piece of cake” to rob him because he was so old. One of them said his father was a Marine, so he should have known better. There ARE no “former” Marines. This old man kicked one in the gonads and took the gun away from the other. They fled with a few items of his property, which they won’t be able to keep long because they’ve already caught one. Probably the one still running around holding his “package.”

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