Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Another Stupid Statement

Nancy seems determined to display her ignorance with her inane and stupid cracks. She’s done it again with this: “Waiting hours longer in the emergency room will let you meet new friends.” Since when has ANYBODY gone to an emergency room to meet new friends? Senility is definitely setting in on Nancy, and she’s now talking about running again. But will she remember come campaign time?

NAMATH DOESN’T CARE: Joe Namath, former football great, wore an expensive fur coat to the Super Bowl and got a lot of criticism for it from liberals. But I suspect, like me, he doesn’t give a tinker’s damn what liberals say about him, or anything else. P. S.: the guy who made that coat says his business has picked up a LOT since Joe was seen in his coat. Which should tell you something about how the “average American” feels about what liberals say.

WE’RE BROKE, BUT THEY KEEP SPENDING: They just passed a billion dollar farm bill, even though we have NO money. Every dime we spend, we have to borrow from China or somebody else who previously benefited from our success and is now giving SOME of it back, with strings and interest attached, or print some more "funny money.". Obama has PERSONALLY spent more money than there IS, and is now spending money that only exists on paper. When will he stop? When he’s dead, maybe.

WE’RE ALL WORRIED ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE: That’s what Mark Steyn said on Rush’s program today. But that must have been a joke because I know Mark’s a lot smarter than those fools (like AlGore and Obama) who believe there’s any possibility that MAN has anything to do with “climate change” (formerly known as global warming before Gore found out the world was NOT warming, and hadn’t been for 15 years or more). I’m not worried about it because I know climate change is CYCLICAL and the whole idea that man could change it a bit is the idea of a fool.

OBAMA’S PRIVATE ARMY: FEMA is just an agency to bring federal help to disaster areas, right? WRONG! It is Obama’s “private army,” nor accountable to the Congress, and accountable ONLY to Barack Obama. It stands ready to follow his orders, whatever they are. The Army has SAID it would not “arrest” American citizens if he ordered them to, so he has created his own “army” who will. All he has to do is “declare an emergency,” and it is only HIS judgment as to what CONSTITUTES an emergency. The laws are in place to make them a full-fledged police agency. It can be done with the slash of his pen.

OBAMA’S LYING AGAIN! He says being unemployed is a “liberating experience.”  No longer must you get up and go to work in the morning if you don’t want to. You’re free to do what you wish, all day. What he ISN’T telling you is that with no money, you HAVE no choice as to what to do with your empty day. Obama has a positive TALENT for “spinning” disaster into opportunity in the minds of those who pay no attention to what he’s doing to us every day. Damn, this world is full of stupid people!

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