Saturday, February 8, 2014

Obama Surrenders

He has announced that he is delaying implementing Obamacare for THREE YEARS, until not only after the next elections, but the PRESIDENTIAL elections after that, as well. He hopes we will forget about the damage Obamacare will do and allow Democrats to be elected and re-elected in SPITE of it. This is a “white flag” to the nation, but it will not work. Americans are fully aware that Obamacare will NOT reduce insurance rates, but will DOUBLE or TRIPLE them, while setting thousand dollar deductibles, making the insurance they CAN get WORTHLESS.

DROPPING THE IRS “INVESTIGATION”: When Obama said there was “not a smidgen” of corruption in the IRS, he signaled the world that he was ready to CLOSE the “investigation” into the IRS scandal without talking to a single soul affected by it. Where the hell does he get the right to “shut down” a congressional investigation into the activities of HIS IRS? Does he really think that will end it? If he does, he will need to think again. What an arrogant ass he is, to even TRY this!

OBAMA THE DICTATOR: He is again “going around Congress” and making policies that PREVENT investigation and deportation of illegal aliens, even those who have violent criminal records. Thus, the number of legally passed LAWS he has decided, UNILATERALLY, not to enforce are in the thousands. This makes him one of the biggest LAWBREAKERS in Washington. But he doesn’t care. He controls the means of prosecution and will not allow ANY investigation into his actions to go forward. It's not like he needs our vote again, huh?

THE MEDIA OBSESSION WITH HILLARY: They want to promote Hillary as the SOLID Democrat candidate, even while she has not yet declared her candidacy. Maybe so. And if they succeed, and she does become the Democrat candidate, they are DOOMED to defeat. Only Bill would be a worse candidate, and they can’t see that. They think since she did everything THEY thought was right, she SHOULD be the candidate. But the rest of America doesn’t agree.

RINGS DIDN’T OPEN: One of the Olympic rings in the Sochi opening were supposed to fully open, then become fireworks. It didn’t happen. But the Russian people never knew. Russian TV didn’t show it. They ran earlier footage taken during a rehearsal. Typical Russian government, communism or socialism (which is much the same thing). Russia is still a dingy place run by incompetents. We’re becoming the same, thanks to Obama.

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