Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Some Cops Shoot Too Quick

I watched as a cop kicked, then shot a dog within seconds of getting out of his car. He thinks the dog was threatening him, even though he was not. The dog was really trying to be friendly and the cop panicked. He could have handled the situation a lot easier if he hadn’t been so frightened of the dog, which was probably also frightened of HIM. The dog was a “service dog” and a family pet. It was shot during this man’s son’s birthday party. What a birthday gift THAT was! I think some cops are way too quick to haul out their guns and kill dogs at the slightest provocation.

TSA DISARMS “WOODY”: You’d think TSA officers would have more sense than to be worried about a toy miniature gun that could never be a danger to anybody, wouldn’t you? But NO! In just the most recent act of stupidity committed by this bunch of FOOLS, they “disarmed” a TOY cowboy from an animated movie called, “Toy Story.” What’s WRONG with these FOOLS? Maybe going to work for the government promotes insanity.

They say the GOP wants to impeach Obama because he’s black. How STUPID is THAT? Never mind he’s spent more of our money than there IS; that his NSA is spying on ALL of us; or that he refused help to our people in Benghazi and got them KILLED. Or that he violates the Constitution in a DAILY BASIS. No, there’s no other GOOD reason to impeach him other than he’s black, right? What a bunch of FOOLS in the Democrat Party! Maybe they could only HALF kill him because he’s only HALF BLACK. Dumb, DUMB!

IRAQI TERRORIST BLOWS HIMSELF UP: He was trying to teach Islamic terrorists how to make bombs. I guess he wasn’t so good at it, himself. If this is the quality of those teaching Islamic terrorists how to make bombs, we don’t have much to worry about in the future. They’ll blow themselves AND potential future bombers to flinders.

TYPICAL LIBERAL BS: Current Democrat Party chair Debbie Wassermann Schultz says the only reason the GOP attacks Hillary is because she’s a woman, and it’s yet another example of the “war on women” they IMAGINE to be going on. Too bad she’s not black, too. Then they could “play the race card,” too, like they do all the time about Obama. These people keep spouting this bullsh-t like they think we’re as dumb as they are and will believe it.

WHY IS OBAMA STILL ALIVE? He chooses to be black, and he blames all his troubles on racism. But how do white supremacists usually handle black folks who get “too uppity?” They KILL them, that’s how! Yet nobody has tried to “off” this fool or maybe they can’t figure out how to kill HALF of him and they don’t want to hurt the white side? Actually, the only person who worries about him being black is OBAMA himself. By the way: for those fools in NSA reading this, I’m not SUGGESTING he be killed. First of all, I wouldn’t want Joe as president.

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