Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"I've Got A Pen and A Phone"

That’s what Obama (Odumb-o) says. But he could be saying, “I can use my pen to write funny jokes called executive orders.” Which most of them are. But he wouldn’t say that. To him, each one is like one of his kids—to be protected to the death. To him, executive orders are more important than laws because only HE is responsible for them. He CONTROLS them, and their results. Not so with laws. Those are the responsibility of the Congress, even though he must “sign them into law” after Congress votes on them. So he only enforces those parts of laws he agrees with, Even though NOT to enforce laws is ILLEGAL. But he doesn’t care about that. He controls the law so it can't seem to touch him.

FOUR O’CLOCK LAW FAILS: In Colorado, they tried to make a law giving drinkers two hours longer to get drunker before a mandatory closing hour by moving that hour to four o’clock. They SAY it’s to get rid of the problems cops faced at 2AM, which is the mandatory closing time for bars. What I want to know is what makes them think the same things won’t happen two hours later, especially after drinkers have had two more hours to get even drunker? What FOOLS we have for lawmakers!

HIT AND RUN EPIDEMIC: That’s what’s going on in Denver. Since 2010, 1300 people have been involved in hit and run accidents in the Denver area. They’re going out of their way to prevent them, but will their efforts “bear fruit?” Doubtful. These are the same politicians who think disarming innocent people will keep guns out of the hands of CRIMINALS, who don’t obey ANY laws. But, like with anti-gun fools, they will be able to say, “We DID something about it,” even though what they did had no effect.

CHILD PROTECTION LAWS: Several years back, there was a particularly distressing child death. The Lt. Governor assembled a committee to find ways to stop such things from happening, and improve the operations of the “child protectors.” I was on that committee. I came up with 40 points to make things better in child protection. I presented it and was “frozen out” of any further meetings of that committee. A year later, the committee gave its report, a few low-level people were fired, and it has been “business as usual” ever since. And several children have died, some “in the custody of the child protectors.” Nothing has changed,

At a concert, she had a character wearing a Bill Clinton mask on stage and she mimicked giving him a “Lewinsky (for those too young to know what that is, it’s oral sex).” The big problem is, they might think it’s “cool.” The reason for Clinton’s popularity is that many of the people who know about him getting a BJ in the Oval Office while a terrorist waited in the outer office to see him are too young to know about it. And the Democrats play on that, promoting him as a “great ex-president and statesman,” not mentioning he was impeached and paid a big fine (with our money) for lying to Congress about it).

“GAME OF THRONES”: I don’t know what that entails. I don’t CARE what that entails. I’m just not interested. And that got me in trouble with one guy on Facebook (Yes, I occasionally go on Facebook. I don't know how I got a Facebook page, but I sometimes find it useful.). He was disgusted with the fact I didn’t like something HE liked a lot. Like I was supposed to like it, because HE liked it. This is the problem today. Too many people getting mad at too many other people because they don’t “conform” to what everyone else likes. What a FOOL he is!

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