Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Kerry: "Faulty Science"

Sec. Of State John Kerry says global warming deniers  “relying on faulty science.” But in reality, it is the global warming BELIEVERS who are “relying on faulty science” and FALSIFIED science. But don’t try and tell them that; they’re STUPID and one symptom of abject stupidity is the INABILITY to know how stupid you ARE. They’ve proven time and time again, that they will believe AlGore’s lies against ALL evidence to the contrary. How do you beat people like that? Especially when the president is one of them?

OBAMA DECIMATES THE MILITARY: He doesn’t admit we are at war with Islamic terrorists. That they are doing all they can to destroy us; that we need our military at full strength. So he is reducing it to post-war levels while reneging on our promises to the men and women who fought and died to keep us free. Soon we will be unable to withstand the advances of Islamic terrorists; and that’s the way he wants it. He wants a socialist country run under Islamic law. And he’s working HARD to accomplish that.

CHANGING THE CONSTITUTION: Former Supreme Court Justice Stevens thinks we should add six words to the First Amendment. Those words are, “when serving in a militia.” To make it more clear that the Founders meant that Americans should only be armed “when in a militia.” This shows his complete IGNORANCE of what they intended. They wanted us to be able to withstand even the advances of our OWN government, if necessary. And an “organized militia” was not even in existence then. So they meant ALL AMERICANS should be armed and able to be “called on” in case they were needed to defend our shores. It’s too bad when a Supreme Court Justice doesn’t understand the meaning of the Constitution.

If the populace in Venezuela (or the Ukraine) had been armed, it would be a different story when the cops opened fire on them. Soon the guns would have come out on the demonstrator’s side, and lots of cops would have been killed, as WELL as some demonstrators. As it was, only demonstrators died, mostly, because they were not armed. Had the demonstrators been armed, maybe the cops would have “thought twice” about shooting at them.

MORE BULLDERM: The New York Times (Obama’s newsletter) ran an article that says, “Obamacare won’t cause job loss; it will stop “job-lock,” which kept people in jobs they hated so they could keep their health insurance. But it HAS caused job loss for MILLIONS of Americans. Liberals (such as Fox’s Alan Colmes) say that’s not the NYT “editorial opinion,” but it IS, or they would not have run it. For liberals who say Fox lies, they’re right; but only when liberals like Colmes speak. How one man could be so stupid is beyond me, except to know he has been thoroughly indoctrinated in the liberal (socialist) way of thinking.

JASON COLLINS: GAY PLAYER: Jason Collins has “come out” and told the world he is gay. Why, I don’t know. Of what importance is it to the NBA or anybody else that he is gay? So he likes men; big deal. What’s important is, “can he play the game?” Will he still be a valuable player on ANY team? Who cares what he likes to do in private? I certainly don’t. I’m an auto-racing fan, but I couldn’t care less if every driver in NASCAR (including Danica) were gay. What’s important to me is, “can they drive a car at 200 MPH?

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