Monday, February 10, 2014

"Freedom of Religion" Under Threat

That’s what Obama says while he supports the worst practitioners of religious intolerance, the Muslims. He keeps saying these stupid things and expecting us to believe him. Maybe he thinks there are more people proudly not paying attention to politics than there are those who are. And he may be right. He did get elected TWICE. Are there really that many stupid voters out there? Seems so. We (not me) keep electing fools like him, time after time.

“ON THE TOMBSTONE OF LIBERALISM”: That’s what columnist Charles Krauthammer says about this absurdly stupid recent statement by Jay Carney, Obama’s chief liar: “Obamacare gives you the opportunity to decide if you will work or not work, And if you don’t work, those who do work will subsidize you.” I’ve said many times that liberals were incompetent when it comes to governing, and whenever they say things like this, they “set it in concrete.” What a stupid bunch this is!

WHY NOT BOTH? Recently the representatives of both sides of the creationism/evolutionism camps had a three-hour debate. I don’t know what the conclusions gained there were, but my personal opinion is this: couldn’t BOTH sides be right? Think of it: if god controls everything, why couldn’t he design a system where people and animals “evolve” to be able to live in their environment? The disagreement is really not necessary. Both sides could be right, if your mind is open enough to consider all options.

THERE ARE LIES ON FOX: Liberals like to say Fox News lies—and they’re right, in some cases, mostly when liberal “contributors” are talking. I’ve heard some outrageous lies from “The Five’s” Bob Beckel, and from “fired from NPR” Juan Williams when he speaks. Then there’s the quintessential liberal liar, Alan Colmes, author of the stupidly titled book, ”Thank Liberals for Saving America,” which could only be a tissue of lies and fact-twisting because liberals only contributed to the RUINATION of America. Now they’ve hired James Carville, who doesn’t know what truth looks, or sounds like. That’s the only time you’ll find lies on Fox. They hired these people only to debunk the liberal claims they only tell one side. the liberals side is always a lie.

BRING YOUR PICTURE ID: They’re holding a protest demonstration AGAINST voter ID and are REQUIRING picture ID to get in. How stupid is this? I should call it hypocritical, but I’ve used that word too often lately and it’s getting old. It’s too bad there are so many instances of liberals having NO LOGIC that the words I can use to describe it become so worn out I can’t use them any more. The things liberals do that are stupid it leaves me breathless and wordless.

JUST LIKE BUSH: “The problems we’re facing right now have to do with George Bush trying to bring more and more power into the executive branch and not go through Congress at all. And that’s what I intend to reverse when I’m President of the United States of America.” That’s what SENATOR Barack Obama said on March 31, 2008. Isn’t that EXACTLY what he’s doing NOW? What a hypocrite! (Damn, had to use that word again!)

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