Thursday, February 27, 2014

An "Inconvenient Fool"

AlGore came to Kansas and told them the “dust bowl” was coming back because of “climate change.” Like Obama blaming everything bad on George Bush, he attributes everything bad in weather to “climate change” (his new name for global warming), even though his swindle has been completely discredited. He will NEVER wake up to reality. We KNOW “Climate change” OR global warming” could NOT be a result of anything man could do. It is CYCLICAL. The globe warms and cools in CYCLES, and has been doing that since way before any of us were born. It is only an inflated ego that makes man think he can, in ANY WAY, affect the weather, for good, or bad.

SOME REPUBLICANS ARE STUPID! After New York Governor insulted them and told them they were “no longer welcome” in New York, they’re sponsoring a “Republicans for Cuomo day.” How much scorn and insult must be heaped on them before they realize they’re being insulted and scorned? No damned wonder Democrats are so strong in New York. There’s no opposition. Republicans in New York are ALL RINOS and proud of it. What a bunch of fools they are! The CEO of Home Depot, a Republican, says, “We need to wake up and realize what the Democrats are doing for us.” That’s about as stupid a statement I’ve ever heard coming out of an otherwise intelligent man!

ALEX BALDWIN LEAVING PUBLIC LIFE: Good for him! It’s about time he did something to make us all happy. Everybody says he’s “incredibly talented,” but I disagree.  He’s only an “average” actor and what has made him more famous is his big mouth and the crappy way he treats others, including his own daughter. But I don’t believe for minute he’s going to stay out of public notice for very long. He likes it too much, and he likes the money it brings him. He’s a damned fool who likes himself too much. And that’s ALL he is. A puffed-up damned fool who thinks he’s more important than he is.

UKRAINE PRESIDENT A FUGTIIVE: He still thinks he’s president, even though Parliament fired him. He says that’s illegal, but it IS legal. Te Parliament has that power. Worse, for him, he is now a “fugitive from justice” on a charge of mass murder for ordering his cops o kill demonstrators. Seems to me the individual cops who were willing to carry out such orders should be charged, too. But they probably won’t, since adequate records of their crimes were not kept. Watch out, folks; the same thing could happen here, and I’m sure Obama WILL consider mass murder to be legal if he orders it. His “drones” have killed many people without trial OR conviction.

ANOTHER GOVERNOR IN DENIAL: Gov. Hickenlooper of Colorado thinks his gun control support won’t be an issue in the next election. I think he’s a FOOL if he believes that. The proof is that THREE legislators are “out of a job” because of their support for gun control laws. What makes him think he will escape a similar fate? He says much of his support comes from Republicans who like a businessman in the governor’s chair. That shows me the STUPIDITY of some Republicans, but does NOT guarantee him re-election. Just because there’s an “R” after their names doesn’t make them anti-gun people and a solid vote for him.

WHAT’S WITH THE POST OFFICE? They’re today’s “buggy whip makers” and, like buggy whip makers, they’re now obsolete. Their business is dying and they’re helping by constantly meeting that reduction in business by raising their prices and reducing their service. Soon they’ll be gone and e-mail will be the only mail because people who don’t have computers are all dying of old age.. They don’t see it coming, like that yellow hand in Midas commercials that tells a guy, “high five” and gets hit in the face. They just “didn’t see that coming.”

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