Sunday, February 23, 2014

Blame It On Global Warming

Obama is “reviving” global warming. There’s a lot of money for a president to “pass around” and get favors in it. Some people think man-made global warming is undeniable, although it isn’t. the globe has NOT been “warming” for more than 15 years, But they don’t know that. Or they don’t WANT to know that. They blame the drought in California on it, though the real cause is diverting water to “save the snow darters” or some such. This is how they con us out of a LOT of money and allow themselves to make many more regulations to further limit our freedom.

GLOBAL WARMING CYCLICAL: I hate to keep repeating this, but it has become necessary. Way too many people have “bought” the FICTION that global warming (or “climate change,” as they now call the swindle) IS ”man-made. They refuse to know that global warming OR climate change IS cyclical. The globe warms and cools in CYCLES, unaffected by ANYTHING man could do. They DENY it. To know it would ruin their fantasy. To think man can change climate cycles is simple vanity. Obama has diverted a billion dollars to “fight global warming.” That’s a lot of money to con us out of and "spread around" to his friends.

REGRET VOTING FOR OBAMA: So far, 76% of DEMOCRATS polled say they REGRET voting for Barack Obama and would not vote for him, again. DEMOCRATS! In some Democrat voting groups it’s as high as 80%! And he actually thinks he can keep a disaster from happening to Democrats in the next few elections. It’s like those who believe in global warming. They don’t WANT to KNOW they have LOST their voting base. They think they can convince enough people who “pay no attention to politics” that Obama did a good job to skate by. They’re in for a BIG surprise.

OBAMA “SPREADS IT AROUND”: Is there any better proof that Obama is Muslim-friendly than when he gives $1.5 BILLION to the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that has been designated a “terrorist organization” by his own government. That would buy a LOT of guns to use in killing Americans, Iraqis, Afghans, and Syrians. But then, Obama is already “running guns” to Syrian rebels (a/k/a Islamic terrorists). Obama is a Muslim terrorist SYMPATHIZER at the very LEAST. He has proven it, time and time again. Obama sure likes to “spread our money around.” (Examiner)

WHY DOES OBAMA HATE THE TEA PARTY? Because they are a DANGER to his “rule.” He wants to be unopposed, and they came into being JUST to oppose HIM. And they’re doing a good job of it. They cost Democrats hundreds of seats in Congress in the last election and are poised to cost him many more in the next. Maybe the presidency AND the Senate, tipping the “balance of power” to the Republicans, for all the good that will do. They will always tell us who they FEAR. They did so with Sarah Palin and a number of other Republicans, and they are doing so by trying to destroy the Tea Party. I think it’s TIME for another “Tea Party.”

A guy on a stolen motorcycle posted a video taken while he rode through rush hour traffic at more than 100 miles an hour. It was called, “catch me if you can.” Well, they did. For my part, I think somebody should have opened a door in front of him or just changed lanes in front of him. Apart from the damage to their own cars, it might have been a good thing to let him know how unsafe what he was doing was. Of course, it would only be known by him for a second or two before he ended up with his head about waist-level with his innards wrapped around his neck.

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