Friday, February 21, 2014

Octogenarian Nun To Prison

They gave an 84-year-old nun what amounts to a LIFE SENTENCE in prison for trying to sabotage a nuclear site. Talk about creating a martyr! The very fact that she and two others were able to enter the facility and stay there for TWO HOURS before they were detected tells me a lot about the security in our nuclear sites. They should be CELEBRATED for showing that, not imprisoned! The “authorities” SAY they never got near any REAL fissionable material, but I don’t believe them. I think they’re just “covering their asses.” As the feds do so well when they’re “caught with their pants down.”

ALL CLUES LEAD TO SOROS: Every time we research something that aims to destroy our economy and lead us to socialism, we follow the money and it always leads back to financier George Soros. Either directly, or through organizations financed with his money. This is a man who was instrumental in destroying the economies of FIVE countries in the past, but gullible liberals in our government deny that, even while dealing with him. He has made billions from that while demeaning all the other “rich people.” But few people are even aware of his existence, and will predictably call me a “conspiracy theorist” for this item. What they don’t say is there are MANY conspiracies, some of which began before the ink was dried on the Constitution. His is but one of them.

“PUSSY POSSE” PISSES PUTIN: So they reacted in the usual Russian way; they sent a Cossak to horse-whip them on stage.” That’s how Russia treats anybody they don’t like. They don’t arrest them and imprison them (although they did that before to this group), they just horse-whip them in public. This is how they operate, even AFTER Russian communism “collapsed. (?)” Of course, if you’re paying attention, you know the SAME PEOPLE are STILL “in charge” there. They SAY they just aren’t “communist” any more (but not any LESS).

“HATEFUL MESSAGES”: Somebody has been painting pictures of Obama with a Nazi symbol in the middle of the picture. “Authorities” call these “hateful pictures.” They’re WRONG. Those pictures simply describe Obama as he IS. It’s nice to be able to just DECLARE something “hateful” if you don’t like it. Actually, this guy needs to paint more pictures and put the Swastika closer to Obama’s face where it belongs. 

“HIDDEN ISLAM”: Liberals are criticizing people who think Islamic terrorists have placed secret cells within America, hiding away, just waiting for orders to attack “soft targets” and spread fear everywhere. They think people who think this “wear tinfoil hats” and belong to the “Flat Earth Society.” But if you don’t think there ARE such cells waiting to attack, considering the incompetent managing of our borders since Obama took over, you’re lost, and probably should be their first victims.

NEXT THEY’LL MONITOR BLOGGERS: An FCC board member wrote an op-ed warning us of the government’s intent to put “monitors in all newsrooms to “monitor” what they cover, and how they cover it, with a view toward “advising” (ordering) them as to what to report, and not to report. If they get away with that, they’ll try to do it with bloggers next. And I say, “bring it on!” Just TRY to tell ME what to write about, and what to ignore. Only ONE man tells me that, and he answers to my name.

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