Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sandra Flake for Congress?

If ever there was a woman who should NOT run for Congress it is Sandra Flake, whose main claim to fame is that she screws around so much she just “can’t afford her condoms,” and who is stupid enough not to make the GUY pay for them. Frankly, if I wanted to get into her pants, I’d WILLINGLY buy the condoms. But she’s too dumb to know that. Like most stupid people, she’d too stupid to know how stupid she IS. She is NOT “congressional material.’

TYPICAL POLITICAL MUD SLINGING: A man now says he “has evidence” that Governor Christie was “fully aware” of what was going on, and why, in the New Jersey “traffic controversy.” But strangely (as usual), he doesn’t come forward with his “evidence,” only talks about it. I personally think that if he really HAD any evidence, that would be all we would be hearing: the evidence. Not cryptic announcements that it exists, with no “evidence” surfacing. I think it’s yet another effort to hurt Christie without having any ACTUAL “evidence” of wrongdoing. I’m not a big Christie fan, but I can see a political smear coming a mile away.

SUPER BOWL INSANITY: Yes, that’s what it IS. And it’s in New York (not to mention everywhere else in the world), not New Jersey, where it will be HAPPENING. To look at the hooraw in New York, you’d think it was happening there! And, of course, it has taken up almost ALL the news time out there, and has given Obama cause to give a great sigh of relief because it gets in the way of news coverage of all his scandals. He can take a few days without answering “pesky” questions about what HE calls “phony scandals” that are real and which he steadfastly ignores while real people want to know the answers..

SHOW ME THE EVIDENCE! One lawyer says, “evidence exists that Christie knew all along about the closure of the Gorge Washington bridge while it was going on,” but he doesn’t PRODUCE the “evidence.” How may times in the past have Democrats ruined the reputations and careers with this scam? Claiming “the existence” of evidence of wrongdoing and never showing it. Soon the “evidence” becomes the story without every having been seen because it doesn’t exist. Christie’s numbers are going down, even now, and media canters that USED to be in his corner are having a “field day” at his expense. A Democrat swindle in progress.

BILL CLINTON’S “CRIMES”: Bill Clinton was IMPEACHED for LYING to congress. His law license was “suspended” for five years (but what ex-president needs a law license?) He (or his campaign, meaning US) paid a huge fine for it. But he is now considered to be the most popular “elder statesman” by the Democrats (certainly not the conservatives). His wife, with no qualifications at all, became Secretary of State, and accomplished nothing except the deaths of four embassy personnel by her incompetence. What’s so great about the Clintons?

IT’S GETTING OLD: Sometimes I feel like I’m in prison. Every day (at least in the dead of winter) is the same. Get up, have breakfast (at my desk in my little 8x10 room) while reading the funnies, then research, research, research; write posts for my blogs, post to the blogs, then dinner (at my desk), then bed, hoping against hope to be able to sleep all night straight through. Then get up at 5 AM and do it all again with no discernible results. I try HARD to bring as much truth to the world as I can, and I know there are people reading it. But not many comment, good or bad. AM I getting through to anybody? I don’t know. My enemies don’t even tell me.

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