Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Failing Swindle

We’re witnessing a failing swindle. Obamacare DEPENDS on young, healthy people “signing up” for their con and using THEIR money to finance all the promises they made to older people who DO need health care. Where they made their mistake was in thinking those young, healthy people would sign up if they made it “mandatory.” Then they allowed those young, healthy people to stay on their parent’s plan until age 26. BIG loophole. So the whole thing is collapsing because of the lack of their participation.

“SNAKE CHARMER” PASTOR DIES: A pastor of a church that handles snakes died in his church after being bitten by a snake he was handling. One of his parishioners said “he was willing to die for his beliefs.” The pastor has said NOBODY who was “touched by God” can be killed by a snake.” I guess he was wrong. But that seems to make no difference to some of his parishioners, who say they will continue in their religion that heir pastor “gave his life for.” How stupid ARE they? He DIED of a snake bite, which he said would NEVER happen! Can’t they tell when the very BASIS of their beliefs is wrong? Or maybe he wasn’t “touched by God.”

RAY NAGIN TO PRISON: Ray (School Bus) Nagin, the New Orleans mayor who was made famous for his incompetence by the loss of many school buses that could have been used to evacuate people if he has just thought of it and used them has been sent to prison for corruption. But does New Orleans care? Not a whit. Tomorrow “Mardi Gras” begins with all the weirdos out, as if nothing happened. Maybe corrupt politicians is routine in N’walins. Remember toe congressman who had $100,000.00 in his refrigerator during the hurricane and “commandeered” some soldiers, taking them away from rescue duty to retrieve his money?

“GOOD THINGS IN IT”: Even Republicans say there “are some good things in Obamacare,” and then they go on to cite things like kids staying on their parents’ plan until 26 and not excluding people with pre-existing conditions. How STUPID IS that? They NEED those “kids” under 26 to get the money to pay for the whole thing! So they make the law to exclude them. And NOT excluding pre-existing conditions allows somebody to get cancer (or something just as expensive to treat), THEN buy insurance so they won’t have to pay for all that expensive treatment themselves, and we WILL. This is NOT “insurance,” it’s WELFARE. This kind of thing can BANKRUPT an insurance company, and is NOT a “good thing.”

“THEY’RE WORSE THAN US!” That’s going to be the theme for Democrats in the next elections. They’re going to say, The Republicans are going to make it worse! But truly, I don’t know HOW the Republicans CAN make it worse than Obama and his crowd have done. Notice their strategy IGNORES the fact that THEY made it so bad in the first place. They hope we forget that and believe the Republicans WILL “make it worse than THEY have.” And unfortunately, there are millions of ignorant people out there who PROUDLY“ pay no attention to politics” and thus are ignorant of what Obama and his crowd are doing to them until it is DONE. And they VOTE!

WHY DOES GOP HATE TED CRUZ? Because he’s “calling out” the RINOS. He isn’t “falling in line” and not ignoring the callous disregard for the Constitution in everything Obama does, He’s doing what the rest of the republicans SHOULD be doing, and they don’t like that. Not one little bit. So they’re trying to “take him down” as only they can. But they’ve “bitten off more than they can chew” with Cruz. He’s got the evidence and he isn’t afraid to use it, as they are. Democrats like to say Cruz is “hated by his own party” without saying why, that he is exposing their own shortcomings.

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