Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Killing Demonstrators

That’s what they’re doing in Venezuela, even though the law doesn’t allow cops to use “lethal force” on unarmed demonstrators But “non-lethal” bullets can kill, if they’re aimed at sensitive places. Like the head. They voted this communist government in, so I guess they deserve what they get. So do we, after voting our own communist government in office. Twice. You think Obama is not communist? At least in his thinking? He was born to communists, raised by communists, mentored by a communist. How could he NOT be communist in his thinking?

“VOTER FRAUD DOESN’T EXIST”: So sayeth the biggest practitioners of voter fraud, the Democrats. They rely on figures produced by themselves that SHOW no appreciable voter fraud. Of course, you aren’t going to find something when you’re not really looking—or if YOU are the ones doing it. You cover it up. Check it out for yourself. What political party is represented the MOST in election workers? Democrats. And as such they have the best opportunity to manipulate the figures, and who’s watching? Democrats, of course. I remember a situation last year where one Democrat election worker voted FIVE TIMES (for Obama, of course) using the registrations of dead people. That’s only ONE case, right? But how many did the same thing that we DIDN’T catch because they were running things? And how many other schemes were being worked?

OBAMA “BOUGHT THE BS”: He has dedicated ONE BILLION DOLLARS to “fighting global warming,” even though global warming ENDED more than 15 years ago and is a swindle from beginning to end. But NO! He’s still going to give a lot of people a lot of money to “fight it,” even if it does not exist and hasn’t for a long time. A BILLION DOLLARS to “fight” an imaginary “enemy” and have an excuse to make thousands more “regulations” in the bargain while having “plausible deniability.”  And Obama intends to milk every dollar and every regulation he can out of it.

ADD INSULT TO INJURY: Recently, Hamid Karzai released 62 bloody murderers from one of his prisons, in SPITE of an agreement with the U. S. that he wouldn’t. He says, “It’s none of America’s business.” But it is, because many of those prisoners killed Americans and cost American lives to capture. Now, 92 prisoners (also mostly Islamic terrorists) have escaped from a prison in Libya. I wonder what incompetence (or cooperation) on the part of Libyan prison employees allowed THAT to happen? Strange happenings.

BIDEN; “AMERICANS WITH US”: According to Joe, “Americans are “with us” on every issue. What part of “lowest approval rating in history for Obama” does he not understand? What part of 86% of Americans hate Obamacare does he not understand? Where has he been for the last five years? In a cave? Or does he just not remember that Obama is the LEAST popular president in history? Is he too deluded to know what’s going on? Yes, the Republicans are not doing their job of OPPOSING what Obama proposes and the media covers up his outrages. But that doesn’t mean we’re “with them.” To think we are is idiocy.

CALIFORNIA LAW SCOTCHED BY COURT: They made a law that in effect, BANNED guns outside of your house and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals said it was unconstitutional. Whodathunkit? The “Ninth Circus” actually finding an unconstitutional law unconstitutional? But don’t look for anything to change right away. Nobody expects this “most often reversed court” decision to stay. And California politicians are very HARD against citizens owning guns. Remember, Obama’s an “anti-gun fool,” too.

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