Saturday, February 22, 2014

"Stimulus" A Myth

There’s only one way Obama’s “stimulus” would have worked. That’s if he had a billion dollars or so just “sitting around” (that didn’t come from taxpayers) doing nothing. As long as the money he “injects” into the economy comes from taxpayers, he’s just “trading money.” He’s not creating ANY “new wealth. But we HAVE no such “stash” of money “lying around.” We’re completely BROKE (he spent it all, and more). Every dollar we spend we must BORROW or TAKE from taxpayers. Just “transferring dollars” does NOT “stimulate” the economy. But Obama is too incompetent to know that.

REAL “STIMULUS”: The only REAL “stimulus” is lowering the tax base. Kennedy did it, and increased the “tax take.” Reagan did it, and almost DOUBLED the tax take. Bush (the younger) did it and continued the longest-lasting boom in the history of the United States that was CREATED by Reagan’s actions. Then the Democrats gained power by FORCING lenders to loan money to “dead-beats,” a “recipe for bankruptcy” and blaming it on Republicans and cancelled all his good work, creating a huge recession they blamed on Republicans.

OBAMA MUST BE A HOMOSEXUAL: I can’t think of any other reason why Obama would say, “Homosexuality is one of our basic freedoms.” NO, it’s not. Yes, I have no problem with what homosexuals DO as long as they don’t “force it on” anybody else; which it seems like they’re determined to do, today. But to proclaim is “one of our basic freedoms?” And by the PRESIDENT? Damn, Obama is stupid, I know. But THIS stupid? Why would he even insert himself into the “gay situation” unless he had a personal interest? This will probably get me in trouble with militant gays, who think ANYTHING like this is “anti-gay.” But this is not. It is anti FORCED gayness!

HURTING THE TRUCKERS: Everything Obama does hurts some part of private business. Now he’s sponsoring some tough “regulations” for truckers in California. That will put a lot of smaller trucking companies out of business and make it harder, and more expensive to operate for the bigger ones. But the upshot of it is, it’s making it harder for more private businesses, and that’s what he’s after. The more trouble private business has operating, the closer we come to allowing him to BLAME them for all the problems HE created. Soon he will be able to convince gullible people who don’t pay attention to politics that socialism is necessary.

OBAMA’S PIPE DREAMS: He says he’s going to institute regulations that will DOUBLE the gas mileage in all vehicles. DOUBLE it. Scientists have been trying to make inroads on gas mileage for many years, and have failed. What makes him think he can succeed in a couple of years where the best minds have failed? Only his massive ego can make him think that. Like his other “pipe dreams’ that fueled many of his “promises” in the past, it sounds good, but is unobtainable. But he doesn’t care. He plans to be gone before we find out.

OBAMACARE RESULTS: He promised to REDUCE the cost of health care while giving you better coverage. But what he accomplished was a DOUBLING of the cost, while REDUCING the coverage (by increasing the deductions) for things you NEED while forcing you to have things you don’t need, such as pregnancy coverage for an 80-year-old MAN. Yet there are STILL politicians, who should know better, saying Obamacare is a GOOD THING when it isn’t. It is one of the most expensive SWINDLES ever, topping AlGore’s Global Warming swindle by billions of dollars.

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