Monday, February 17, 2014

Obama's False Social Security Number

Now that a judge has ruled Obama’s use of a phony Social Security card from some dead guy in Connecticut, maybe somebody will actually CALL him on it. But do you believe anybody has the gonads? I don’t, I think it will just be ignored until it is forgotten about. That’s what usually happens with Obama’s crimes. Especially since he controls the means of prosecution. It will be “filed away” somewhere and nothing will ever be done about it.

“IT’S OLD NEWS”: They’re still trying to deflect any inquiry into the Monica Lewinski BJ. Hillary said Bill “tried to break it off,” but “she was adamant, and it was not a ‘power thing,’ It was consensual.” But what they never say is that the questions about it have never been answered. And her reaction is amazingly docile for a “powerful woman.” It’ll never be “old news” until the questions are answered, just like with all the other liberal scandals they try to ignore. Liberals say the Clintons can’t FART without it making big news, and they’re right. Mostly because they never answer the questions, They just deflect them. No self-respecting woman would have such an opinion.

1 IN 4 DON’T UNDERSTAND: 25% of Americans, with all their superior education, don’t understand that the sun does NOT revolve around the Earth. Which explains why so many people who should know better are taken in by AlGore’s “global warming,” now “climate change” swindle. They also don’t understand, and thus DENY that “climate change” is CYCLICAL, and not able to be changed by ANY ACTION of man. I guess they’re “educated beyond their intelligence.”

NEVER THOUGHT HE WAS A FOOL: I’ve never thought racing legend Richard Petty was a fool, but his recent comment about female driver Danica Patrick illustrates his ignorance. He may have been a good race driver, but he doesn’t know anything about female drivers. He said, “The only way Danica could win a race is if everybody else stayed home.” What he doesn’t remember is that Danica has ALREADY won one race, against some top competitors, and everybody else did NOT “stay home.” She has come close on many other occasions, just like most other drivers. The important thing is, it doesn’t matter what’s between her legs, it’s talent and determination that wins races and she has both, in large quantities. Richard, take your antiquated thinking and go home.

“SHUT DOWN BLAMED ON GOP BY PUBLIC”: That’s what liberal Fox News contributor Alan Colmes says. He’s a fool. They weren’t blamed by THE PUBLIC. They were blamed by the DEMOCRATS, and the public “bought it.” How much of a damned fool IS this guy? The very title of his book, “Thank Liberals for Saving America,” illustrates it. If you look up “ignorant liberal” in the dictionary, you’d find his picture there.

WHY SO HARD ON CHRISTIE? Democrats know Christie is a strong possible Republican candidate for president in he next election. Part of their standard operating procedure is to destroy any strong possibility, as they did with Sarah Palin. With her first speech at the GOP Convention she showed she was going to be a strong contender and they couldn’t have that. she scarfed both Democrats AND Republicans. So Republicans helped Democrats discredit her.They lied her into obscurity ad they have done with many strong possibilities so they won’t have to face her in the next election.

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