Thursday, February 13, 2014

Murderers Turned Loose

Hamid Karzai is a damned fool. Only damned fools turn murderers loose on their populace so they can kill some more. That’s what Karzai has done: turned 65 Islamic terrorists—some of their top people—loose. I don’t know what’s in his mind—there’s no fathoming the thoughts of the insane. And turning these people loose IS insane. He says, "it's none of our business." But it is, because these people killed Americans and some Americans gave up their lives to capture them. These people will go back to their “old haunts” and begin right away to plan how many more people they can kill, and every death will be OWNED by Karzai. If this doesn’t kill HIM at the polls, Afghanis are more stupid than many American voters, who elected a Muslim sympathizing Kenyan, Barack Obama—TWICE.

HOW HEARTLESS CAN YOU BE? This is a video of a man abandoning a lovable dog in freezing weather and walking away. While walking away from his dog, who no doubt loves him a lot, he “crosses” himself. I don’t know what for, because what he is doing defies every precept of Christianity. The dog doesn’t understand what’s happening, though I'm sure he knows (or will know) he has been abandoned by a man he loves more than life itself. A pox on that man’s house!

CAUSED BY GLOBAL WARMING? Sen.Mark Begich (D-Alaska) says that parts of his state are in danger of “falling into the sea” and it’s all because of “global warming.” Okay, I’ll buy that, but I don’t buy his contention that global warming (or its new name, “climate change”) are MAN-CAUSED. It’s the heights of cockiness to think that man could have ANY major effect on the climate. Climate is CYCLICAL. The globe cools, and then warms—IN CYCLES--in spite of ANYTHING man can do. And that cycle has not caused it to cool in more than 15 YEARS. That’s why AlGore had to change the name of his con. Notice, he’s a DEMOCRAT. There must be something in the WATER that causes Democrats to be so ignorant.

I don’t think he is. I think he has expended ALL his “electability” with his unconstitutional actions and his acting like a dictator and getting away with it. We don’t need another Hugo Chavez here. I think he only got re-elected by stealing the election, as Democrats often do. Mostly, an election can only be stolen if it is close, and I don’t think the next presidential election will be anywhere NEAR close enough to be stolen.

Ready for what, you puffed-up FOOL? He must have a death wish, because that’s what he’ll get if he attacks ANYTHING that belongs to, or is being protected by the United States, especially Israel. Hitler thought he was “ready.” Tojo too; and Saddam, whom we “took down” in a week, later pulled out of a hole in the ground and hanged.

In Colorado they want to move the bar closing time to 4 PM. They say the reason is to keep from having traffic jams when drinkers leave the bars. They also want to stop bar fights and such that goes along with bar closings. What makes them think the same things won’t happen 2 hours later? Further, they’ll have 2 more hours to get drunker. What’s to be gained?

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