Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Muslim Infiltration

If Obama isn’t a Muslim, or at least a Muslim sympathizer, why does he have SIX Muslims in the White House? Arik Alikhan, Mohammed Elibiary, Rashad Hussain, Salam al-Mariati, Imam Mohamed Magib, and Eboo Pascal. All are members of the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist group. What the HELL are they doing in the White House? Why are members of the ENEMY being appointed to high governmental offices by Obama? I think it’s because he secretly wants Islam to take over this country without  firing a shot.

LIBERALS HAVE HIGHER IQS:  An Israeli reporter thinks that liberals have higher IQs than conservatives. What an EGOTISTICAL remark! The truth is, it’s just the other way around: conservatives have higher IQs that liberals. If liberals were intelligent, they wouldn’t BE liberals. Everything they spout is ignorant. They think you can SPEND your way to prosperity! They think government, which can’t do ANYTHING right, can run your life better than you can. The very act of making that remark illustrates his ignorance. Or is it stupidity?

"DON’T START A FIGHT YOU CAN’T WIN": This is even more evidence that we should get rid of Rep. Boehner. If he believes we can’t win, he should resign and turn his office over to a more intelligent person. You can’t win a fight if you don’t “start the fight.” And he hasn’t the guts to start it, let alone win it. It’s people like Boehner who have allowed Obama to “ride roughshod” over us and IGNORE the laws. Obama has given him many reasons to start impeachment proceedings, but he refuses to do so, and discourages anybody else from doing so. The man’s a banana.

“HE’S DOING A GOOD JOB” That’s what Obama thinks, according to Bill O’Reilly, which just proves how “disconnected” he is with reality (Obama, not O’Reilly). He’s supposed to be the “smartest man on the planet,” according to many liberals, but in reality, he isn’t very smart at all, if he can’t see what he’s done to this country with his insane policies. Would that we were blessed with an INTELLIGENT president, but it isn’t going to happen until we get somebody in there who isn’t damned fool enough to believe SOCIALISM is the way to go.

Supreme court Sotomayor says “Calling illegal immigrants criminals if insulting.” Well, how about THAT? They ARE criminals! They have broken the law to come here the way they did, even if Obama’s government won’t enforce the immigration laws. Calling them what they are might be insulting, but they NEED to be “insulted.” I knew Sotomayor was ignorant when she was appointed, but now she has amply proven it. For a member of the supreme court to SUPPORT criminals by saying CALLING them criminals was "insulting, " IS insulting to us!

CLOSING SCHOOLS FOR MUSLIM HOLIDAYS: That’s what New York City’s new socialist mayor wants to do. What’s this strange fascination with observing the enemy’s holidays in our schools? Are they really this much determined to teach our children to respect this political system pretending to be a religion? Who’s paying them off? Or do they need to be paid off to teach our children that a murderous bunch of bastards should be respected?

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