Friday, March 24, 2017

Left Cries "Racism!"

Everything is racism, according to the left. Colin Kaepernick is now an unemployed loser, and the left is whining “racism” because of it. Never mind that he made HIMSELF unemployable by giving this entire country the finger by refusing to stand for its National Anthem on specious grounds, thereby proving how effective the liberal media propaganda is on the feeble minds of some youths who haven't been ALIVE long enough to know anything real.

ANTI-GUN DAMNED FOOLS: Talk about paranoia and overreaction! A boy brought an empty bullet shell casing to pre-school, and got suspended for 7 days, CPS was “notified,” and expulsion threatened—for a bullet casing! Only a damned fool school “official” would do something stupid like that, but this one did, and his (or her) bosses probably agreed with him/her on it. But he (or she) is a damned fool, and that's a fact. And anybody agreeing, likewise. Showing complete IGNORANCE about anything guns, the school official described a .22 cal. casing as a “shotgun shell.” Only paranoid ignorant fools think “anything gun” is bad.

DOING IT ALL WRONG: Trump is doing it all wrong. Instead of trying to stop Islamic terrorists from six or seven countries from coming here, why not expand his executive order to include people from ALL countries who cannot be vetted. It is a known fact that “refugees” from many different countries can't be vetted because those countries either don't keep proper records, or falsify the information they do send. That way, he can't be accused of racism or bigotry because he won't be banning people mostly from one “religon.”

THE INSANE HATE TRUMP: Because he has promised to eliminate the INSANITY from Washington. They aren't too insane not to know who they are, and they hate Trump for it, as he goes about “draining the swamp,” as promised. Insanity is rampant in DC, and everything he does to eliminate it further infuriates those insane people left, who are the politicians, bureaucrats, lobbyists, etc.

GET USED TO IT”: The Muslim mayor of London revealed himself after the scurrilous attack by a Muslim terrorist on Parliament by saying, “Terrorist acts are all part of life in the big city. Get used to it.” Which reveals his ignorance and the fact that he has no real plans to FIGHT terrorism, as did Obama, in America, thereby giving an INVITATION to terrorists to “do their damnedest.” This is the kind of politician who ought to be “tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail,” regardless of his "religion."

THEY'RE GLEEFUL: I just watched a lineup of Democrats commenting on the failure of Trump's “replacement” for Obamacare. One of them actually said, “I think I detect a little bit of exuberance among Democrats.” Boy, is he the master of understatement! They're GLEEFUL! They LOVE it when Trump fails, and they've been working HARD to engineer that failure. And it's according to Obama's nefarious plan to get a single-payer plan in place.

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