Friday, March 31, 2017

Liberalism Defies Logic

The things they tell us to believe are irrational and illogical. Like the idea that the rich got rich by stealing from the poor. If the poor had anything worth stealing, they aren't poor, are they? And allowing men into women's restrooms and changing rooms because a man SAYS he “identifies” as a woman. Then they make it worse by claiming that “some women have penises,” and “men can menstruate.” Then they tell us there are 57 sexes. These are IMPOSSIBLE ideas, but they try to convince us they're true, as if we were stupid enough to believe it.

ANTI-GUN STUPIDITY: In Hoke County, N. Carolina, they raise many stupid people, it seems. And many of them are working in school systems. That's why a FIVE year-old girl got suspended because she used a STICK to represent a gun while playing a game, and actually POINTED it at somebody! School “officials” said that was “dangerous” and suspended her. This is a good example of the anti-gun hysteria that abounds in schools that are run by liberal “educators.”

HER DEATH WAS “SAFER”: Anti-gun fools stupidly tell us people are safer without guns in the house. They think we're all stupid enough to shoot ourselves, instead of the bad guys. So this woman had no guns in the house when her abusive boyfriend came in one day and hacked her to death with a machete. The anti-gun fools would say “she died in safety.” Just a few minutes before he murdered her, she was on the phone with state's attorney victim advocate, discussing a restraining order she wanted to take out against him.

SENATOR MOM?” HORRORS! It's bad enough the anti-gun fools listen to this fool. But as a SENATOR? Apparently, Shannon Watts, boss of “MOMS Against Guns” (or something like that) has quietly moved from my old state, Indiana, to my new (30 years ago) home, Colorado. There are rumors that she will try to unseat Sen. Corey Gardner, senator from Colorado. It's bad enough she goes all over the country spouting her ignorant wishes to violate the Constitution's Second Amendment and make everybody who OBEYS laws defenseless against those who don't, it would be worse if she actually had the power to MAKE laws to do so.

THE FALLACY OF GUN CONTROL: there is a basic fallacy in ALL the “gun control laes” as we know them, today. That is that criminals, who OBEY no laws, will somehow obey a law saying he cannot have a gun, and has to give his name and a lot of other information about himself to the government, making him legally liable for the crimes he commits, using that gun. If you ask an anti-gun fool about that, they have no answer, so they just call you names.

LIBS CREATING COMPLAINTS: If there is ANY way to misread and misconstrue what people say to CREATE an excuse to criticize and demonstrate, sometimes even RIOT, liberals will do it. In N. Carolina, a jeweler put up a billboard that said, “It's OK to throw rocks at girls.” The message was surrounded by gems (rocks). Anybody with a modicum of INTELLIGENCE could get the double meaning. It meant it's okay to give girls gems. The liberals didn't see it that way, and they griped, whined, sniveled, and demonstrated against it.

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