Friday, March 10, 2017

"There's No Evidence!"

Democrats insist that, even though there is not a single shred of evidence that the Russians “hacked the election” to help Trump get elected, it MUST be true, and an “investigation” is needed. However, they also insist, (with no evidence) that there is NO EVIDENCE that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower just before the election, and that should preclude ANY investigation into it. Even though Obama is known for seeing the law and the Constitution as “just advice,” and doing what he wants, anyway.

POWERFUL WOMEN: They did a list of women who had a definite effect on events in the world the other day. On that list was Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren (Pocahontas), Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and many other Democrat women. Strangely absent was Kellyanne Conway's name, and the name of any other CONSERVATIVE women. Kellyanne is the first woman to ever head a successful presidential campaign, but I guess that doesn't count. She's not a DEMOCRAT, after all.

12 MILLION MISS WORK: They missed it while observing the “Day Without Women” demonstration. I wonder how many women lost their jobs, or WILL lose their jobs for being absent without good reason, as 12 restaurant workers did on the “Day without Immigrants” day, just past. These demonstrations always sound like good things, but I suspect their employers won't see it the same way they do.

THE “MUSLIM BAN” FANTASY: The idea that Trump's “travel ban” covering immigrants from several countries KNOWN to be Islamic terrorism supporters is NOT based on their “religion.” It is based on their THREATS to kill ALL “unbelievers,” and their known actions to do so. The fact that ALL the people who threaten us are Muslims is only incidental. They use that “religious connection” to obfuscate the issue when things go against them. If it were a “religious ban,” he would be banning ALL MUSLIMS from entering. He does NOT.

OBAMA INFURIATED: He's infuriated that Trump had the temerity to accuse him of wiretapping Trump tower just before the election Trump won in convincing fashion. So who the hell CARES? Obama is infuriated any time somebody accuses him of something he did. As to whether or not he DID the wiretap, it's easy to believe he did. It sounds like him. He's well known for treating laws like “advice,” so it's not hard at all to think he violated it, again.

RELEASING THE EVIDENCE: Democrats are saying that if Trump has evidence that Obama wiretapped him, he should release it, immediately. To NOT release it says he doesn't have any. Sounds like the same advice that could be given to the Democrats about their claims about Trump, and their claims they HAVE evidence they're “saving.” Funny how they accuse Trump of things THEY are doing, and expect intelligent people not to notice.

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