Friday, March 3, 2017

Democrats Reveal Themselves

They refused to applaud when Trump spoke of “putting American citizens first.” If they would NOT “put American citizens first,” they have no business even TRYING to run this country. But they do, and every time they get the “reins of power,” they screw things up so badly, it takes Republicans a long time to get things back to near normal. I think Trump is going to do it in record time, and that is going to further infuriate Democrats.

CASHIN' IN: Talk about “cashin' in” on being president! Barack AND his wife have signed book deals totaling $60 million dollars! That's after both have written (or HAD written) “bestsellers” during his presidency. Being president doesn't pay very much, as CEO salaries go, but the AFTER profits can be amazing! This is not to say he's the only former president to do this. But I think he got more money than most.

BYE, BYE, TRANSGENDER BATHROOMS! “Transgender bathrooms: one of Obama’s infamous legacies. In a moment of rash decision to cater to the 0.3% of the population, suddenly the perverted men of society had an open door to waltz into the bathrooms with our little girls. How sickening is that?” Quoting Keely Sharp, of “Keep and Bear.” But you can kiss that goodbye, as Trump has signed an EO to reverse that policy, which was MANDATORY for schools and other organizations dependent upon federal money. Now it is NOT.

CRAPPY REACTION: Trump honored a hero soldier at the speech before Congress, and liberals (Democrats) hated it. The honor brought tears to the eyes of his wife, who was in attendance. They said, “She allowed herself to be Trump's prop,” which was a MEAN thing to say to the wife of a hero. And they CLAIM the Republican Party is “mean!” What a bunch of duplicitous dumb butts!

MOST POPULAR RELIGION? Not a chance! Their numbers may be growing faster than the Christian religion, but Christians don't threaten people with DEATH if they don't convert, as Muslims do. It's easy to grow fast when you do that. “Conversions” in “name only,” but still Christians (or other religions) at heart, are what they get. I don't think Muslims should even be CONSIDERED in the same breath with REAL religions because of that.

SUPPORTING DEATH CAMPS: I guess you can't control what your kids do when they become adults. That's why George (the younger) Bush's daughter Barbara, named for her grandmother, is the keynote speaker at a fund-raiser for Planned Parenthood, today's “Nazi Death Camps.” equivalent. They MURDER millions of babies, every year. Cutting them up in the womb, and sometimes even on the table after they're born! This is our holocaust, and she is supporting it.

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