Monday, March 27, 2017

Peelosi's Losing It

Nancy Peelosi, who Democrats re-elected as the House Minority (formerly majority) Leader, doesn't even know that she, for the most part, is the “Boss Democrat.” Remember, this is the bimbo who declared that,”We must PASS the bill to find out what's in it,” about that singular abortion, Obamacare. As if we SHOULD pass any bill into law without knowing what's in it, before it is passed. If she doesn't even know the “Democrat Boss” is herself. What DOES she know? She screwed up royally, and LOST the majority, yet the Democrats kept her in office, Which, to me, illustrates the LACK of intelligence on the part of the democrats.

TERRORIST LEADER KILLED: This young man is a “leader” in al-Qaida, and is the “mastermind” behind many of their best-known killings, all over the world. They're finding out that, under Trump, they can't just kill at will, without consequences. If you're an Islamic terrorist, or ANY kind of terrorist, your days are numbered. Take note, terrorists. Trump isn't “easy” as was Obama.

PROMOTING TERRORISM: In Ontario, Canada, criticizing “Muslim prayer” in public schools is “racist.” Of course, CHRISTIAN prayer has no such “protection.” Only “MUSLIM prayer.” I'm getting very tired of the preference given to Muslims, all over the world, AND in the United States. Preference that is NOT given to practitioners of any other religion. I have nothing against Muslims. I DO have something against them being given rights and privileges not given to other religions.

TRUMP WAS RIGHT: There WAS surveillance on his people, and maybe himself during the campaign by which he won the presidency. Surveillance by the Obama administration. And there IS proof of it, no matter what Democrats say. Ever since Trump Tweeted that he WAS under surveillance by Obama people, the liberal media has been “ripping him a new one,” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devon Nunes revealed the evidence, and was soundly slammed by the liberal media for his “process” in revealing it. At NO TIME was the intelligence questioned.

THERE'S A REASON: The Democrats complain often about the “divide” in this country, but that is what the founders PLANNED, when they wrote in three separate and equal branches of government. They KNEW that without that, somebody would just “take over.” And that's what they did not want. Debate and disagreement over the law is healthy, and leads to better laws, just as they planned, when they wrote the Constitution. And that is the very thing the Democrats hate.

BIDEN: “I COULDA WON!” Former Vice-President Biden went on TV recently and told the interviewer that he thought he should have run, and “coulda won.” He said he could have had a lot more success that Trump has had as president. Frankly, I think this is the raving of a senile old fool. He could no more have won against the “Trump freight train” than Hillary or Bernie. He's as deluded as they were. If he really thought he could win, he should have run, so Trump could have taken his pants off the way he did Hillary.

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