Monday, March 13, 2017

Why Would They?

The Democrat claim is that Trump collaborated with the Russians to get himself elected. That whole idea is completely illogical. Why would they want to beat Hillary, who, if elected, would move this country ever closer to their “pipe dream” of socialism, while Trump would move in exactly the other direction. What the hell would they GAIN by getting Trump elected? It's this they don't understand, since they deny even the EXISTENCE of logic.

WATERS HAS LOST IT: Every time California politician Maxine Waters opens her pie hole she convinces me once again that she has “lost it.” It doesn't matter to her if what she spouts is untrue, and has even been PROVED to be untrue, she still spouts it. Now she's spouting that old, discredited story about Trump hiring a prostitute to pee on the bed Obama once slept in. They need to take her by the hand and lead her away to the loony bin. That's where she belongs.

DEMOCRATS WON'T VOTE: Nancy Peelosi tells News Max that Democrats won't vote for the GOP Health Care Plan. Surprise, surprise! Who needs 'em? It was all Democrats who voted in Obamacare, and the GOP plan is designed to supplant Obamacare. So why WOULD they vote for it, and who cares? They're in the minority, now. So their votes for or against will make no difference. Does she really think we care? Somebody needs to enlighten her—if she is capable of BEING enlightened.

DEMOCRATS NEVER LEARN: Facts bounce off them like water bounces off a duck's back. Reducing the tax burden on Americans RAISES revenue by causing more productivity. When taxes are high, it DEPRESSES productivity, and thus also tax revenue. Reagan lowered the tax base drastically, and tax revenue INCREASED 55%! Democrats whine that there were many other causes, thereby DENYING that Reagan's tax rate cut had anything to do with it But, as usual, they're WRONG.

THEY THINK IT'S BAD: New Attorney General Sessions asks for the resignation of 46 Obama-appointed attorneys, and liberals (Democrats) have a meltdown over it. They think this is “uncalled for,” and has never, ever, happened in the past. And it's unfair. But the truth is, it has happened every time a new regime takes over. Appointees are required to keep their resignation letters in their desks, so they can turn them in on demand from the new regime. It's ROUTINE. But now it's happening to Democrats, they “lose their minds.”

HYPOCRITE NANCY: The dumb butt FORMER majority leader in the House, who infamously said, “We have to pass it to find out what's in it” about the Obamacare bill, is now DEMANDING to see what's in Trump's replacement health care bill BEFORE it is passed. Do these fools really think we don't remember her stupid pronouncement when she was “in charge?” Who does she think she's fooling?

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